The Thule Company is best known for making joggers or jogging strollers. However, the company has not limited itself to making joggers only; it makes some of the best convertible and expandable strollers available on the market.

This particular stroller is one of their best non-jogging Thule baby buggies. It is a machine that is designed for urban tours and adventures. It is pretty stylish, quite functional, and supremely flexible.

Read our thule sleek review below to find out the good things and the bad things I discovered about it.

The Thule Sleek

Facts about The Thule Sleek review

Nuna was one of the first companies to release an expandable stroller. Although Thule came late to the party, the company has managed to make one of the best designed expandable strollers currently available on the market – the Thule Sleek. From the details I will share with you in this review, you will see that the manufacturer put a lot of thought into designing this product and its various features.

Thule Sleek is a combination of style and versatility. It is a stroller that is easy on the eyes and at the same time works like a charm. From the reviews I have read from parents who have used this stroller, it is quite easy to steer and it is quite comfy for the baby. Check out the sections below to find out how true these reviews are.

The seating options

As mentioned earlier, this is a fantastic expandable and convertible stroller. It is supremely flexible in the sense that it provides parents with multiple seating options in both the single and the double mode.

 The stroller’s multiple seating options

Thule Sleek toddler seat

This stroller comes with a toddler seat. The toddler seat can be reclined and is also reversible.

While Thule Sleek’s seat can be reclined, it does not recline to a flat position. This means you cannot use it for a newborn. You can only start using it when your baby hits three months or gains full neck and back control.

The best thing about this toddler seat is how easy it is to recline. It has a lever behind it that makes it very easy to recline. You simply need to raise or lower the lever to manipulate the backrest of the seat.

The second best thing about this stroller seat is how padded it is. Your baby will feel very comfortable sitting on it even for long periods of time. The top cover of the seat is removable and machine-washable. So cleaning this seat is also easy-peasy.

This toddler seat also includes an adjustable footrest among its features. This is quite a useful feature. You can adjust this to make this stroller more comfortable for the baby.

For safety purposes, the Thule Sleek toddler seat has a five-point safety harness and a bumper bar to protect your baby. The harness is padded to prevent it from pinching your baby.

In terms of capacity, this toddler seat has a maximum capacity of 48.5 pounds. So you can use it for a very long time. Its sibling seat, however, has a lower maximum capacity of 33 pounds. You should definitely have these two numbers in mind when using this stroller to avoid using it beyond its limit of safety.

Thule Sleek bassinet

The Thule sleek bassinet is one of the ‘seating’ options of this stroller.

You should get this bassinet if you want to use the Thule Sleek for a newborn. This is because it offers your baby a flat and comfy space that is safe for his or her still-developing back and neck.

The best thing about this Thule Sleek bassinet is the fact that it is made of a special material canopy to protect babies against harmful UV rays.

This bassinet has got a maximum weight limit of 19.5 pounds. So when your baby gets to this weight, you should stop using it.

The last thing I feel like mentioning about this bassinet is the fact that it is available in five great colors including dark grey, grey mélange, navy, black, and red.

Thule Sleek Bassinet, Grey Melange
  • Spacious and comfortable bassinet, with ventilated mattress
  • Ventilated canopy with extendable sun visor gives your child a pleasant ride in any weather and provides UV protection (UPF 50+)
  • Can convert your Thule Sleek into a double stroller
  • For infants aged 0-6 months
  • Accessories included: Thule Sleek Bassinet Rain Cover, Thule Sleek Adapter Kit

The infant car seat compatibility

This stroller is compatible with several infant car seats and can accommodate 2 at the same time. Some of the infant car seats this stroller is compatible with include the Maxi-Cosi and Chicco car seats. However, when buying a compatible car seat, keep in mind the requirement that you will also have to buy a compatible car seat adapter. So don’t buy one and forget the other.

Thule Sleek double stroller options

You can expand the Thule Sleek from a single to a double stroller in three ways – by adding a sibling seat, an infant car seat or a bassinet. How you expand the stroller will depend on what you seek to achieve. If you intend to use this buggy to stroll with two toddlers with only a small age difference, you should expand it by attaching a sibling seat. If you already have an older baby and you are expecting a newborn soon, you can expand it using an infant car seat or a bassinet. I would personally go for an infant car seat as it means I can also use it as a travel system.

Thule Sleek triple stroller

You can turn this stroller from a double stroller to a triple stroller by attaching a standing board to the back of it where your older child can stand during a stroll. Getting a standing or glider board for the Thule Sleek is a great idea if your older child is a preschooler or a toddler.

Thule Sleek canopy

The toddler seat on this stroller has got a fantastic canopy. It is not a very big canopy but neither is it very small. It is just a good size. Because it is a good size it will protect your son or daughter from the sun, strong winds, and the rain.

The canopy features a mesh part that will ensure your child does not overheat on hot summer days. This mesh part is zippered and can be closed on chilly days to prevent your child from freezing.

The best thing about Thule Sleek’s canopy is its silent viewing window. The window is located on the top of the canopy. You can use it to check on your little one stealthily without waking them up. I call it the silent viewing window because it has a magnetic closure that does not make noise.

Another awesome thing about this canopy is the fact that its height is extendable. You can slide it up to provide your baby with extra headroom to grow. This canopy feature impressed me a lot. It made me to seriously consider getting this stroller.

Thule Sleek Rain Cover
  • With front window for easy access to infant and ventilation
  • Custom fitted for maximum weather protection
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Compatible with Thule Sleek and Thule Sleek Sibling Seat

Thule Sleek handlebar

The Thule Sleek handlebar can be height-adjusted. This means you can set it at just the right height to make it comfortable for you to push. The length of adjustability is 8.5 inches which is pretty wide.

I think the fact that this stroller is height-adjustable makes it perfect especially for taller parents. This is because by increasing the height of the handlebar, they can avoid kicking into the wheels and the rear axle of the stroller.

Thule Sleek wheels

This stroller comes with big wheels. The front wheels are 8 inches in diameter while the rear wheels are 11 inches in diameter. All the wheels are rubberized and foam-filled. This means you do not need to worry about punctures as is the case with inflated tires.

I love the big wheels on this stroller and the fact that they are foam-filled. This is because the big wheels make it easier to push this stroller over most types of terrain including rough terrain. I also love the fact that the front wheels on this stroller are slightly smaller than the rear wheels. This has the effect of making this stroller more nimble and easier to maneuver compared to strollers with equal-sized wheels.

One more thing I must note about the wheels of this stroller is the fact that each of them is supported by an independent suspension device. This suspension system absorbs shocks when this stroller goes over uneven or rough terrain making it easier to push over such terrain and more comfortable for the baby to ride over such terrain.

The brakes

Unfortunately, this stroller does not have a hand-operated brake. Because if it hard I probably could have bought it before I finished writing this review. Instead of a hand-operated brake, this stroller has a foot-operated brake.

The brake pedal is located smack in the middle of the stroller’s rear axle and it is big in size. This means you can step on it with either foot. The good thing about this foot-operated brake is the fact that it is easy to lift and disengage.

Thule Sleek storage bin

I like the size of the storage bin on this sleek stroller. The size is quite generous. The Thule Sleek storage bin is located beneath the main seat of this stroller. Unlike most storage bins, this one is zippered. This means when you put stuff inside it and close it, your things are protected from the snow, the rain, and from falling by the way.

While most of this storage bin is zippered, the back end of the bin closes with a magnetic closure. This allows you to quickly access or retrieve whatever you want from the basket whenever you want.

This Thule Sleek storage bin has got a maximum weight capacity of 11 pounds. Therefore, although it is big, this storage bin is not really something you could put your shopping in.


The size and weight

Normally, tandem double baby carriages are long and heavy. This means they are somewhat difficult to steer or to handle. In contrast, expandable strollers are different. They are shorter and lighter and, therefore, easier to maneuver. A perfect example of such expandable tours is the Thule Sleek.

It is shorter than the typical tandem stroller and hence easier to push and steer. When two seats are attached to it, it becomes a bit bulky. And, therefore, not the best stroller to go shopping or to a restaurant with. It is also not the best to use when intending to use public transport because of its bulkiness.

While I have just said that this stroller is bulky, the weight of its frame is surprisingly lightweight. This is because it is aluminum. This makes the frame alone easy to carry. However, one toddler seat of this stroller weighs 28 pounds. So from this, you can understand where the bulkiness of the Thule Sleek comes from.

The bulkiness of this stroller makes it difficult for some moms and dads to carry upstairs or to lift into a car trunk.

The Folding

Folding this stroller is easy. There are two folding levers on either side of the stroller’s handlebar that you can simply pull to fold this stroller instantly. It literally won’t take you more than five seconds to fold this stroller.

And when folded, this stroller becomes very compact and lightweight. This is especially true when it is folded without the toddler seat.

Thule Sleek accessories 2020

The manufacturer of this stroller has a range of accessories that you can use to improve it or to customize it. Unfortunately, the accessories do not come with the stroller. You have to buy them separately. The accessories include a child tray, a parent beverage holder, a travel bag, seat adapters, a bassinet, and a sibling seat. All these accessories are available for the Thule Sleek 2020.

Thule Sleek Stroller Travel Bag, Black
  • Padded bag to protect your stroller from scratches and dirt during transport
  • Custom fitted for maximum protection
  • Includes separate wheel bag to keep stroller clean
  • Wheels for easy transport
  • Compatible with Thule Sleek
Thule Sleek Organizer
  • Item Package Dimensions: 12.4 L X 30.9 W X 42.5 H (Cm)
  • Product Type: Caddy
  • Item Package Weight: 0.436 kgs
  • Country Of Origin: China
Thule Sleek Snack Tray
  • Keeps snack within reach
  • Swivels for ease of child entry/exit
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Compatible with Thule Sleek
Thule Stroller Glider Board
  • Large and stable board for a comfortable ride
  • Easy to attach to your stroller
  • Can easily be folded away when not in use
  • Compatible with Thule Sleek and Thule Spring (Thule Spring Glider Board Adapter is required for Thule Spring - sold separately)
  • Maximum weight: 44 lbs.
Thule Stroller Organizer, Single
  • Add a zippered pocket and built in cup holder to your Thule child carrier
  • Convenient cup holder to keep beverages within reach
  • Zippered pocket for easy access to smaller items
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Compatible with the Urban Glide, Glide, Lite 1 and Cross 1 child carriers.
Thule Footmuff (11000303)
  • Insulated for warmth with a fleece liner and adjustable hood
  • Large zip-opening to adjust temperature and to easily access your child
  • Can be used as a seat liner on warmer days by detaching the front
  • Protective lining protects the interior from dirty shoes
  • Compatible with all 5-point harness systems
Thule Cup Holder
  • Package length: 8.9 cm
  • Package width: 12.9 cm
  • Package height: 13.9 cm
  • Product Type: STROLLER

Thule Sleek available color options

This baby buggy is available in several color options. All the color options are neutral and very trendy. They include: Energy Red, Navy Blue, Shadow Grey, Midnight Black, and Grey Mélange. These different color options are available at slightly different prices

Thule Sleek color options

Who Should Buy Thule Sleek

From the information I have gathered about this stroller and from my experience, I strongly believe this stroller is best suited for urban parents. This is because it looks stylish, it has got nice suspension-supported tires, it moves smoothly, and it has a nice storage basket for running errands.

I also believe that this stroller is ideal for parents with one child right now but are planning to have another soon. This is because this stroller has got a nice balance and it can, therefore, be used to carry two infants or a newborn and an older baby.

Because of this stroller’s awesome features, its big-size wheels, and its easy steering, I believe many parents will find it very convenient to use. So if you are one such parent looking for convenience, I’d suggest you give this stroller a go. You will not be disappointed.

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