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Do you want your toddler to stand a good chance of winning the state or national spelling bee competition in the coming few years?

Do you want your toddler to be best prepared to succeed academically in the future?

If you said yes to any of the two questions above then you should strongly consider getting the Reading Head Start system.

So what is this system? How does it make your child more likely to win a spelling bee competition in the future?


What is The Reading Head Start and why do you need it?

Well, this system is educator-designed to teach children how to read. It makes it very easy to teach a child how to read regardless of whether he or she is a fast or slow learner.

So with it, you can teach your child how to read and give them the head start to succeed in school and in life. Remember, education is a key that unlocks success. Hence failure in education could mean a lower likelihood of achieving success. This is why every parent should strive to give their kids the head start they need to succeed in education. And the only way to learn is to know how to read. Therefore, give your child the head start they need in reading and they will succeed.

Generally, kids learn to read at the nursery-school level. This is kind of the case worldwide. As teachers teach your child how to read at the kindergarten level, it is important that they learn. Why? Because gaining the ability to read in kindergarten is what will make your child best prepared to learn new information and to get educated as they progress through the different stages of education.

Failure to learn how to read or to gain the ability to read at the kindergarten school level could mean difficulties for you to learn and absorb new information. Therefore, it is very crucial to ensure your preschooler gets the right head start to quickly learn how to read.

As a parent, I never knew how important it was to ensure my children learn how to read by the time they graduate from the kindergarten school level. Heck, I never even knew that failure to learn how to read at the level could hinder my children’s chances of success in life. I only believed that kindergarten was some sort of educationally useful playgroup class where I could leave my two children and go to work.

I only came to start taking reading ability at nursery seriously when a neighbor of mine had their 18-month old kid read some really tough words for toddlers like asparagus and lollipop during a neighborhood get together. Being the competitive mom I am, I knew I had to do something to make sure my kids could read as well as the neighbor’s kid. After all, they were older than him.

However, I honestly wanted to do something, I did not think I would have enough time to teach both of my children how to read. So I went on the internet later that evening and Googled the best way to teach reading, the most effective way to teach children how to read, teaching reading approaches, teaching reading programs, worksheets for phonics, easy phonics worksheets, beginning phonics, pre K phonics, kids phonics online, and so on.

After several hours of research, I found nothing useful. I found nothing that could work for me considering the little free time I normally have. I found no system or program that promised the results I wanted. So I decided to swallow my pride and call my neighbor to ask her what techniques she used to teach her children how to read. And she was nice enough to send me a link to this program. After using it for some time, i must admit. This is the best baby reading program i have seen.

I went ahead and checked out the reviews written about it online and it surely seemed legit enough. People spoke very positively about it. And most importantly, the reviewers were mentioning that it was not very time consuming to use. Some were saying they used it to train their kids only twice or thrice a week and it worked pretty nicely. Remember, what my main problem was with the teaching approaches/ systems I had found online? It was time. I had found the approaches and the systems to be time-consuming.

And here was a system that promised great results in less time. I vowed to get it and I did just that.

The price was a tad bit high for me but I figured it must be worth that much because it works. And three months down the line I can confirm that it works. My children are now much better readers and pronounce words just about right. I am very proud of them.

I have written this review from my personal experience with this product. Hopefully, you will find it as useful as I did – this is something I can almost guarantee – and that you will use its strategies for teaching reading to improve the reading and comprehension skills of your kids.

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What The Reading Head Start Program Is All About

This program teaches reading in a whole new way. It was developed by an English teacher with over 15 years of experience.

The program is designed in such a way to make it easy for toddlers or preschoolers to learn reading whether they have already been taught how to read or not.

And unlike other similar products, this one is exciting to use. It teaches reading in such a way that your child will find it exciting and not boring to read. So with this, you do not have to spend a lot of time teaching your children how to read or to spend a lot of money on costly private tutors.

Lastly, this product is legit and it works. By legit I mean it is not a scam. I can confirm this because I bought it and it was legit. Moreover, I can confirm that it works. My kids are now much better readers because of its strategies for teaching reading comprehension.

dad reading with his son


Who Invented This Product

Unlike similar programs and systems found on the market, the Reading Head Start was actually invented by an amazing teacher by the name Sarah Shepherd. Now Sarah is not your average teacher. She has been teaching English for many years and has been very successful at it. She is also an innovator. And that is exactly how she came up with this project.

Sarah created this program after noticing the reading challenges her own child was facing. She felt embarrassed that her kid was not performing well in a subject that she had helped many other children to excel in.

The development process began by her examining how babies and children learn and how the approach to teaching reading in the United States has not changed since the 1930s resulting in the many reading challenges that kindergarteners are going through right now.

She then improved on her ideas and theories to create this product over the course of several months.

After developing the program, Sarah had to do one more thing – test the program. However, considering she was actually an English teacher and had developed the program using sound theories and hypotheses, she was sure it was going to work.

And that is exactly what happened when Sarah used the strategies for teaching reading in the program to teach her own child. Within just a month, her child emerged as the top student in his English class. This was most surprising because the child had previously been one of the last students in the class.

Apart from using the program on her kid, she used it on her students and sent it to her child’s teacher so that she could use it to improve the reading skills of her students. Within a couple of weeks of sharing the program, Sarah received many calls from parents thanking her for improving the reading skills of their children.

So Sarah developed this program and proved its effectiveness before making it available for sale.


What Does Reading Head Start Include

The Reading Head Start is available in the form of an E-book. The book is designed to improve the reading ability of kids and toddlers.

You can download the E-book to a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. The download is only available after purchasing the product.

Once you access the E-book, you will need a PDF reader to read its contents. The strategies for teaching reading comprehension in the Reading Head Start are unique but easy to follow. You cannot find the strategies in any other similar program.

The guidelines are divided into four stages for simplicity. As I mentioned earlier, they are very easy to follow. I found them easy to follow yet the last time I followed any guidelines was in college about ten years ago.

The design of this program is such that you only need 15 minutes to take your child through the four stages. At the end of each stage, your kid will get a creative certificate of completion. Something that will no doubt make him or her happy and will improve their morale and self-esteem.

The Four Stages or Phases of the Reading Head Start are designed to sharpen the phonemic skills of children through developing sound-association skills using strategies such as rhyme. The entire process might sound boring but it is not. As I said earlier, it is one of the most fun toddler teaching programs. Your child will have maximum fun utilizing this program.

The best thing about this program is that it can be used by reading beginners and by those already struggling with reading in kindergarten or grade school.


What is Included in the Reading Head Start Package

When you buy these teaching strategies for reading program, you will get the E-Book. The E-book has all the guidelines you need to improve your child’s reading ability.

In addition to the E-book, the creator of this program has been generous enough to throw in a few bonuses that you will get to use free of charge.

The bonuses include:

  • Incredible Reading Shortcuts – These reading shortcuts are extra strategies to help your child improve their reading ability.
  • Interactive Reading Games – The games are found on the official website of the product. They are meant to make it fun for your kid to learn new words.
  • The Fun with Words book series – These are several reading books designed to make it fun for your child to learn how to read.


Get access to the special bonuses here


Strategies for Teaching Reading Found in the Program


As mentioned previously, the techniques for teaching reading in the Reading Head Start program are unique. You cannot find them in any other program. The Strategies include:

  • Optimal Neurological Development – This strategy will ensure your child’s brain develops to maximum levels.
  • Building Psychological Fortitude – This strategy will ensure your child’s confidence and self-esteem develop well.
  • Linguistic and Communication Skills Development – This strategy will enhance the communication skills and language skills of your child.
  • Creation of Positive Social Interactions – This strategy will improve your baby’s social skills among their peers and with adults.
  • Making Learning Fun – This strategy will captivate your child’s attention and making reading something they want to do.



How This Program Will Make You a Better Parent

You will learn plenty of things from this program. Things that will make you a better parent and ensure your child gets a true head start. You will learn:

  • How to make your children better readers even if they are not interested.
  • What to do to make sure your child succeeds in his or her classes. You will also learn the don’ts when it comes to helping your child succeed in school.
  • How to avoid the things that will certainly destroy your child’s likelihood to succeed.
  • A simple method of teaching children with dyslexia.
  • The obsolete practices teachers use to teach English and why you should look for new ones.
  • Why it is crucial to improve your child’s ability to read at an early stage.
  • How to improve your child’s self-confidence and morale early on. This is something they can carry with them throughout life.
  • How to enhance your kid’s understanding and pronunciation.


How Much Will Reading Teaching Techniques Program Cost You

When I first saw the price of this program, I thought it was somewhat expensive. However, I figured that it was probably priced at its price because it was truly a top-quality product. So I took the plunge and bought it and I did not end up regretting my decision.

You too should not just look at the price. Remember, cheap is expensive. Those cheap programs similar to this one may only cost 10% or 20% the price of this one. But they are basically valueless as they are not educator-made, they have not been tested, and not much is known about them. Most of them are scams.

As at the time of writing this review, the official website of the store is running a sale that allows you to buy this course at 297USD instead of the original price of 597USD. (click here to get the discount)

Paying 297USD will give you lifetime access to this product. So in case you have more children later in life, you do not have to buy the product again.

Alternatively, you can pay 197USD instead of 297USD to get access to this product for a year. This is also a sale offer.

Lastly, you can pay just 1USD for a free trial and then 37USD every month to continue enjoying access to the program.

Remember, all these purchase options have a full-year money-back guarantee. This means that the owner of the product will give you back your money in case the product does not work as described. This should show you just how confident the owner of this product is about it.

Where Can You Purchase The Reading Head Start

You can buy this product on the official website of the creator which is https://www.readingheadstart.com or use this link to get access to the special bonuses mentioned

Final Word

Gaining the ability to read early on in life is important. This is because studies show those who learn how to read are more likely to achieve more academically and in terms of life in general. Failing to learn how to read by the time one exits kindergarten can impact the development of a child negatively. This program can give your child the right head start to become better readers by the time they official get to pre-school.

It is unlike other products on the market that are ineffective or outright scams. This is because it is totally effective as has been proven by myself and by other parents who have used it before.

If you wish to give your child the perfect head start they need to start school right but for them this program. It may be a bit expensive in the eyes of many but it is worth every penny.

The Pros and Cons of the Reading Head Start Program


  • The Reading Head Start Program has a 100% money-back guarantee. What this means is that you can claim a refund of all the monies you have spent on it if it does not work right for you. This is pretty impressive as most similar programs do not provide money-back guarantees.
  • This program has a 1USD trial offer. In other words, for just 1USD, you can access the entire program and test out how it works and cancel if you are not impressed.
  • This is one of the easiest to use reading programs. It is very user-friendly. You can quickly start using it to teach your child just a few minutes after checking it out. It also has guidelines that explain how to use it so you will definitely not get lost.
  • It is a safe reading ability improvement program. Quite a number of parents nowadays prefer giving their children some ‘special’ supplements or putting them through controversial programs to improve their reading and learning abilities. Most of these supplements and programs are dangerous. But not this program.
  • It is a comprehensive program. While many programs that teach a child how to read are shallow and do not offer any real benefits, this one is comprehensive and well-detailed yet at the same time very easy to use.
  • It is an affordable reading program. Relative to private tutors and other programs, this one is an affordable one. You will have to pay just 37USD to access it in its entirety.
  • It has been proven that the Reading Head Start program works. The teaching strategies for reading comprehension in this program work very well. It worked with my children and it can work with your children too. There are also many testimonials available online that will prove to you this program works.


  • It takes commitment to make this program works. While I mentioned severally that this program is easy to use and requires less time to implement, you need to write down at least a thrice-a-week timetable that you should stay committed to for the implementation of the program.
  • Some resources that come with this program are only available online. So users need an internet connection to access them every time. And this is not always the case.


This reading program is designed to improve the reading abilities of children including even those under two years. I have used it before and I can categorically state that it works. Many others have also used it and proven that it works. It is something to buy to improve your child’s reading ability very quickly.

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Watch the free video with tips and tricks to help your kids with reading by clicking here


Let me know in the comments if you got any questions or concerns i can help you with!


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