Disclaimer: I do receive a small affiliate commission if you buy through my link. It doesn’t make it more expensive for you in any way, but it helps me support my blog. This review is my honest opinion about the pregnancy miracle, after going through the program and the stories I heard from my friend Karen, who used the program.

Many studies conducted by renowned fertility institutes and researchers have concluded that infertility issues are on the rise especially in the Western World. Most of the studies have attributed the rise in infertility issues to modern lifestyles, eating habits, and so on. Even though there are many options available for dealing with infertility, none of them seem to work.

Many women usually try multiple options with very little success and then they end up giving up. Moreover, those who are interested in the more reliable infertility medical treatment options, usually end up being put off by the huge costs that such options often attract. For example, the average IVF treatment costs $12,000, which is pretty expensive for most Americans. This is why I knew right away that I had to introduce you guys to the Pregnancy Miracle the moment I discovered. The Pregnancy Miracle is not a religious thing. It is a research-based eBook. The eBook is very affordable, and I will tell you in this review why it may be just what you are looking for if you have an infertility issue.

A Summary of this Pregnancy Miracle Review

If you do not want to read this entire Pregnancy Miracle Review, I cannot blame you. After all, it is a very long and comprehensive review. Nevertheless, below is my summary of this Pregnancy Miracle Review and what it is all about. I have written it in point form to make it easier to understand.

1. The Pregnancy Miracle is an eBook that provides novel solutions to common and uncommon infertility issues. The eBook is 250 pages long and it is very detailed. All the chapters inside contain important information that can resolve infertility issues.

2. The eBook is written by a very experienced health author and researcher by the name Dr. Lisa Olson. It is based on her personal experience and it explains various infertility issues in simple language and proposes simple but research-based solutions.

3. The solutions or methods recommended in the e-Book are based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Traditional Chinese medicine is holistic and is still religiously followed especially in the rural areas of China because of its effectiveness. Its methods are nowadays well-researched and most of them are now backed by scientific evidence. The book is also based on years of research and clinical testing by the author.

All in all, this Pregnancy Miracle review is a detailed look at the e-Book and everything it has to offer.


The Review of Pregnancy Miracle

Before looking at what the Pregnancy Miracle has to offer, I thought it would be wise to first give you details about the author of the e-Book. I always provide details about the author of a book before reviewing it. This is because I believe it gives my readers a chance to decide for themselves if the person behind the book is an authority or not. In other words, a chance to make the decision whether they should trust the author and the information or methods they will find in the book.

The details I am about to provide to you about Dr. Lisa Olson will reveal to you that she is a person you can trust. They will reveal to you that you can trust the book and expect the methods it contains to work.


About Dr. Lisa Olson

Dr. Lisa Olson is the author of the Pregnancy Miracle. She is the person who spent years and many hours researching the contents of this book and creating its methods. She is also the person who tested the methods via trials and refined them to make them effective infertility treatment methods for some common and uncommon infertility issues.

Unlike most writers, authors, and researchers who have published books proposing solutions or methods for dealing with infertility issues, Dr. Lisa Olson has personally had issues trying to conceive. She tried for many years to conceive without any success. And then she turned to books and infertility issues gurus and still she did not succeed. When she finally decided to see her doctor about her struggles to conceive, the doctor told her that she could not have children. That she was infertile. When she sought a second opinion from a specialist doctor, he told her the same thing – that she was infertile and that she would never have children.

Nevertheless, despite what the doctors said, she now has two wonderful kids. And she actually ended up conceiving when she was in her early forties. She managed to conceive by reading everything she could about infertility and infertility treatments and becoming an expert on the matters infertility. She then packaged all the knowledge she had gained into a system that any woman can use. And before she started sharing the system as an e-Book, she trialed it severally and it worked. She then refined it to make it better before publishing this e-Book.

So essentially, the e-Book she has on the market is a refined system for helping young women conceive. It can also be used by older women in their thirties and early forties to conceive.

By profession, Lisa Olson is a health researcher, a nourishment professional, and an experienced traditional Chinese medicine expert. Her e-book, in my humble opinion, is the pregnancy bible. This is because it has got all you need to know to conceive if you have been struggling to conceive. The information provided in the book is very direct and easy to understand and apply.


What exactly is the Pregnancy Miracle?

Now that you know who exactly the author of the Pregnancy Miracle is, it is time to find out what exactly the Pregnancy Miracle is. But before I tell you what it is, let me tell you exactly what it is not.

  1. It is not a get pregnant quick scheme.
  2. It is not a long guide recommending pills or herbs.
  3. It is not a conventional medicine cure.
  4. It is not a book that recommends unnatural or unethical methods of getting pregnant.


So if you are looking for something to make you pregnant quick, this is not it. If you are looking for pills and herbs, this book does not recommend them. And if you are looking for a conventional medicine cure, you better consult your doctor because this e-Book won’t help you much in that regard.

What the e-Book exactly is, is a pregnancy or conception bible. It is 250 pages of in-depth but easy to understand information that teaches an effective system for getting pregnant. It teaches a system that anyone in their twenties, thirties, or early forties can use to conceive especially if they are struggling to conceive.

250 pages of information seem like a lot of information but it is perfectly okay because it is all the information you ever need to know about infertility and how to treat it. In other words, once you purchase the Pregnancy Miracle, you will not need to buy any other book to learn more.

As mentioned multiple times in this review, the Pregnancy Miracle is an e-Book (an electronic book). Once you purchase it, you will be able to download it to your phone or computer and read it anytime. You do not need to wait for anyone to deliver the book to you.

What is included in the purchase?

If you buy the Pregnancy Miracle, you get the 250-page Pregnancy Miracle e-Book and six bonus gifts. They include:

  1. Free one-on-one consultations with the author for three months.
  2. Free lifetime updates on the system and the research that informs it.
  3. A free e-Book called the Ultimate Guide to Relaxation.
  4. A free e-Book called the From PMS to PPD
  5. A free e-book with over 7,000 baby names and their meanings.
  6. A free e-book explaining the different weekly stages of pregnancy.

As you can see above, the Pregnancy Miracle comes with many useful bonus gifts. I think the best gift among them is the first one – the free one on one consultations with the author. This is because I believe the free consultations allow you to ask about anything relating to pregnancy, and to tap knowledge from a professional who has spent years studying the subject of infertility and developing an effective system to address it.

I love the fact that the author has availed herself for consultations. I believe this shows her genuine desire to help women who are struggling to conceive to find out the right information and get pregnant.


Who is the Pregnant Miracle For?

Generally, this product is for anyone who is struggling to get kids and is ready to learn a holistic system to help her conceive. Specifically, it is for those who are really struggling and have tried many other methods or options without success.

According to Lisa Olson, the system taught in this book almost always gets women pregnant in four to eight weeks. This is a pretty bold claim by the author, isn’t it? So I decided to read online testimonials about the product to find out the truth. And from the testimonials, I did find out that what Lisa is claiming about her book is kind of true. Many people who were previously struggling to get pregnant have found success in a couple of weeks by simply reading and applying the simple system taught in the Pregnancy Miracle.

So if you are willing to read and apply the system properly, this e-Book is for you.

This e-Book is not for you if:

  1. You expect it to work very quickly
  2. You are looking for a book that recommends over the counter pills for getting pregnant
  3. You are looking for some sort of magic bullet that will make you pregnant quickly
  4. You want a book that is free

So this book is not about all these things. It is essentially a book for those willing to learn and apply new information.

How does Pregnancy Miracle work?

part of the table of contents

The Pregnancy Miracle is essentially a system that is designed to address infertility issues and get women struggling to conceive, pregnant. In most cases, those who follow the system usually end up conceiving pretty quickly because the system is just that effective.

In this Pregnancy Miracle review, I will tell you exactly what each chapter talks about so that you can know what to expect.


This is the first chapter of the Pregnancy Miracle although it is not numbered as such. It is just called the introduction. In this chapter, the author of the book introduces her story and explains the book briefly. In short, by the end of this chapter, you will be pretty much excited about reading the rest of the book because you will know what you are in for.

I like this chapter because it sort of says what the book is all about which is important. It also gives you an idea of how experienced and knowledgeable the author is, which is very important and makes reading the rest of the book a must-do.

Chapter 1

This chapter discusses the male and female reproductive systems and how they affect fertility. It is essentially the introduction chapter to matters fertility and infertility although there is actually the introduction chapter mentioned above. It does not dive deep into any particular fertility topic, it just sort of introduces readers to important biological terms and concepts that will be used throughout the book and teaches how you can use sex to your advantage. In other words, it explains how best to do it to make babies. The chapter also talks about genetics and the role they play in female and male infertility.

In my opinion, the best thing about this chapter is the part of it that teaches how to use sex to one’s advantage. As adults, we all know that babies are made through sex. However, there is a way to do things if we really want to make babies. And this chapter explains exactly what needs to be done.

Chapter 2

This chapter is where things start getting exciting. It provides a complete understanding of infertility. It is, in fact, titled “UNDERSTANDING INFERTILITY BETTER.” So it is all about infertility. Some of the things you will learn in this chapter include infertility in men and infertility in women. The common tests that are done to ascertain infertility in both men and women.

In my opinion, the most important part of this chapter is a part that explains the signs of fertility. The part that tells you when you are most primed, as a woman, to have sex and make a baby or babies. Some of the signs to look out for that explained in this part of the chapter include basal body temperature, female hormone factors, and the lunar cycle. Understanding this chapter as a whole and this part of the chapter will increase your likelihood of having sex the right way and your likelihood of getting pregnant.

Chapter 3

I call this chapter, the chapter of hope. This is because it explains the differences between the way fertility and infertility are looked at in the West and in the East. In other words, it tells you what you know about fertility and infertility in the West and contrasts that with what they know about fertility and infertility in the East (especially in traditional Chinese Medicine).

So why do I call this the chapter of hope? Well, because unlike Western or conventional medicine, Eastern medicine is much more solutions-oriented. And when you read this chapter, you will get hope because it will tell you how ancient Chinese medicine can help you conceive despite what Western medicine says.

It is important to understand that this book does not advocate anything unnatural and neither does traditional Chinese medicine. Everything explained about ancient Chinese medicine is natural and based on extensive research.

I really like this chapter because it opened my mind to possibilities and things that I did not know about. I believe it can do the same for every person who reads it.

Chapter 4

This chapter is the main chapter, in my opinion. It is the chapter where you will find the pregnancy miracle. This is because it is the chapter in which the author provides a 5-step plan for getting pregnant. The chapter is largely based on traditional Chinese medicine but it also draws from Western medicine research.

Before I touch on the 5-step plan, let me just say something that I believe is important. While I have said that this chapter is the main chapter and that it has the pregnancy miracle, it is important to note that it should be read and understood alongside the other chapters in this book. This is because if you ignore the other chapters, then you might as well not even read this one because the information in it will not be very useful to you. So, yes this chapter is important but you should not ignore the other chapters and the information contained in them.

The 5-step plan for getting pregnant has five steps as implied in the name of the plan. The steps cover different areas you need to work on to make yourself extremely fertile and ready to have healthy babies. If you follow the steps, you will enhance yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. And you will get yourself to the perfect place that you need to be to get pregnant.

The thing I like the most about this plan is that it seems to really improve the female body and boost fertility and libido. In fact, if it does not actually help make you pregnant (which I believe it will), it will make you a much happier and healthier person.

At the end of this chapter, the author also generously provides tips on how you can use your new-found fertility or improved fertility to get pregnant. The tips include the best sex positions for conceiving e.g. the rear-entry position.

So as mentioned earlier, this is the main chapter and it is a wonderful gold mine of information.

Watch lisa explain why the pregnancy miracle system works here

Chapter 5

After reading the tips at the end of chapter 4, you should not get carried away and try making babies straight away. You should read this chapter first. This is because this chapter also contains important information that will help you execute the 5-step plan above. The chapter is titled “WHAT TO DO DURING THE PROGRAM.”

And the information it has includes things to do to predict your ovulation better, how to read your body signs better, and a 4-step plan to help your man become the man you need him to be to make you conceive. To me, the 4-step plan in this chapter is what stands out about it. If your man follows it, he will become manlier as his testosterone levels will go up. He will also increase his sperm count significantly making him more likely to get you pregnant every time you guys get down to it. Lastly, he will become more lethal in bed as his libido will also increase if he follows this plan.

So do not ignore this chapter or the information it contains for it could help you get pregnant and make you a happier woman in many ways.

Chapter 6

This is the last chapter in this book. It may be last but it also contains very crucial information. The chapter explains special conditions such as autoimmune reactions, anti-sperm antibodies, and advanced age, and how they affect fertility. It also provides solutions for dealing with the conditions. The best thing about this chapter is that it is based on extensive research according to the author and this is evident in the accuracy of the information provided and the solutions proposed. Most of the solutions proposed are based on traditional Chinese medicine but there are also elements based on naturopathy.

As you can see from the chapters above, this is a very comprehensive book on fertility/ infertility. It is well-organized and explains everything you need to know to get pregnant. It starts by explaining the reproductive system, then explains infertility, and then proposes a five-step plan for getting babies based on traditional Chinese medicine. It also explains a 4-step plan to help men increase their testosterone and become more potent in bed. In short, it is a wonderful e-Book that has all the information you need to get pregnant if you have been struggling to get pregnant.

Pregnancy Miracle Review – the most important things you will learn

Below are the most important things you will learn from the pregnancy miracle review

1. You will learn a 5-step plan or system for getting pregnant if you have been struggling to get babies.

2. You will learn how to make yourself more fertile to have babies.

3. You will learn a 4-step plan to share with your man to make him more manly and potent in bed.

4. You will learn the flaws of conventional infertility treatments and why the natural route is the best one to take.

5. You will learn how certain foods can affect your probability of getting pregnant.

6. You will learn the one thing causing over 80 percent of infertility issues in women and how to eliminate it to get pregnant.

7. You will learn how to address various conditions associated with infertility.

8. You will learn exercises you can do and herbal formulations you can take to increase your likelihood of conceiving.

9. You will learn when to have sex, how to have sex, and what to do after sex to get yourself pregnant.

From what you will learn above, I am sure you see why this book is definitely worth every cent considering it goes for just 47 bucks.

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The pros and cons of the Pregnancy Miracle system


  • The system taught works fast and can help you get pregnant in just a couple of weeks
  • It is cheap compared to conventional infertility treatments such as IVF treatments
  • It has zero serious side effects since it is largely naturopathic
  • It comes with free access to the author to consult on anything pregnancy for the first few months
  • It has got information to improve both female and male fertility
  • It packs the most complete information on pregnancy, fertility, and infertility in just 250 pages
  • It comes with a two-month money-back guarantee (you get your money back if it does not work in two months)
  • It is a tested system that has been found to be very effective
  • In case of any questions, there is a customer support team that can provide help or answers to any questions very quickly
  • In addition to making you more likely to get pregnant, its methods will certainly improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health significantly



  • It is only available as a digital book (it does not come as a hardcopy)
  • It is filled with plenty of information and can, therefore, feel overwhelming especially if you do not read it patiently


Wrapping up this Pregnancy Miracle Review

If you are willing to be patient and to put in some work, the Pregnancy Miracle can certainly help you conceive. This is because it has got useful information and it proposes a 5-step plan that can definitely work. So if you can patiently read through the whole of it and follow its recommendations, you will significantly increase your likelihood of getting pregnant the next time you have sex.

It is a digital book I would recommend to any woman or couple struggling to conceive.

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