Even though this stroller has existed for quite some time, I recently had the chance to check it out and discover what thousands of parents have been waxing lyrical about all these past few months.

The chance came in the form of a local book club meeting in which I met an acquaintance who had it. The acquaintance was a very good friend or a close friend of mine so the three of use naturally ended up getting coffee together after the meeting.

As we walked down the street to the neighborhood’s favorite coffee shop, I couldn’t help but notice the stroller. It was moving so smoothly before my eyes yet my new friend did not even seem to be applying any real effort. Her baby looked so peaceful and calm in it as if she was sleeping in a cozy crib at home.

Naturally, my curiosity got the better of me and I asked her what model it was and she told me it was the NUNA Mixx2. She told me that although it had taken her quite a bit of time to research and settle on it, she was really glad she chose it out of the three options she had in mind. Her statement got me even more interested in finding out more about the stroller.

The Nuna MIXX2 stroller

So I wasted no time in asked to try pushing it. She said yes and the rest is history….No, it is not. I will tell you all about the stroller in a bit but in summary, I really love how easy it was to push, how light it felt, and just how cool it looked. It is one of the strollers I really wouldn’t mind recommending to my close friends in a heartbeat.

Key stroller information

  • Type: Convertible stroller
  • Weight: 26.8 pounds
  • Max. Weight limit: 50 pounds
  • Best use: For parents who want a premium and multifunctional stroller

Apart from my firsthand experience, I also did a bit of research on it. I googled its features and checked reviews on online retailers such as Amazon to find out what other moms and dads were saying about it. Below, I have packaged everything I learned about this stroller in a review.

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The features of the Nuna MIXX2

This stroller was released many months back. Within several weeks of its release, it became all the rage. Many parents were very impressed with many of its features.

The stroller is a simple but very stylish looking everyday stroller. Its premium design and finish plus its multi-functionality make it one of the best strollers available on the market.

Below are the stroller’s best features and functions. I also discuss its pros and cons later on in this Nuna MIXX2 review.

Let’s begin.

The Nuna MIXX2 (Berry color model)

The seating options

As mentioned before, this is a convertible stroller. This, therefore, means it has multiple “seating” options. The available seating options are three: the main seat, the compatible infant car seat, and the compatible bassinet. The main seat is reversible, which means it has two seating options; facing forward or facing backward.

The main seat

The main seat on this stroller is a thing of beauty. This is because it is well-designed with high-quality materials. It is also quite sturdy; you can use it from birth until dozens of months later when your kid turns three or four.

The seat is reclinable. It can be reclined to five different positions. Each position has its own advantage/ use e.g. napping or riding. The seat’s reclining system is very easy to use. It is controlled by a lever that can be one-handedly operated.

This Nuna MIXX2 seat also comes with a leg rest and a footrest.

This seat is reclinable and its includes a leg rest and a footrest

When you recline this seat to its deepest position and then raise the leg rest, you can create a wonderful sleeping pod where your baby can nap peacefully.

Even though the deepest recline position is really deep, it is not really flat as evident in the photo below. So it is not really safe to use to carry a newborn. Therefore, although the manufacturer says it can be used to carry newborns, I recommend getting the compatible infant car seat or the compatible bassinet if you really want to use this stroller to carry your newborn baby.

The perfect sleeping pod

This main seat also comes with a well-designed harness to securely hold your baby. The harness has a quick-release button that makes it easy to quickly remove your baby from the stroller.

Despite all of the nice things I have mentioned about this seat, I have not talked about its best feature yet. In my opinion, the seat’s best feature is the fact that it can be reversed. This means that your little one can ride in the stroller facing you or facing the world. The backward facing option is good for small babies that need close monitoring throughout while the front facing option is great for toddlers who want to see the world.

The Nuna MIXX2 and its reversible main east

This seat is reclinable and reversible but what I also like about it is its very upright sitting position. This position is perfect for toddlers to sit in for extended periods of time without getting tired. This is pretty important especially for long day trips.

The Nuna MIXX2 upright seating position

This seat is made of a special blend of materials including natural cotton. The blend is quite comfortable and it makes the stroller look stylish. From what I saw when I used this stroller, the material is quite breathable making this stroller perfect for use even during summer and other hot days.

The fabric on this stroller’s main seat can be quickly removed and machine washed. This is perfect because the seat will certainly get dirty as time goes by and the fact that it can be machine washed makes it easy to clean and remove stains or spills.

Before I forget, I just wanted to mention that this stroller also comes with an arm bar. The bar makes it safer for kids to ride in this stroller than in many other strollers. The bar also makes it a breeze to attach the compatible infant car seat on the frame of this stroller. It also has an aesthetic value as it makes this stroller to look more stylish.


If you want to use this stroller from birth, you will need to buy the compatible MIXX2 bassinet. The bassinet provides the flat position that is most suitable for newborns.

You can also use the deepest recline on the main seat to carry your baby as mentioned earlier. However, the deepest recline of the main seat is not as flat as the MIXX2 bassinet. So if you have a newborn, buying the MIXX2 stroller with its compatible is the right way to go.

This bassinet is suitable for young babies until they get to 20 pounds.

One drawback with this stroller is that it is weighty. It will add 11.2 pounds on the stroller. However, it will not be so difficult for you to carry it if you are of average size.

The MIXX2 with its compatible bassinet

One of the things I loved the most about the bassinet on this stroller is the fact that it is an approved bassinet for sleeping. As in, it is safe for you baby to sleep in it overnight. So if your baby falls asleep in it, you just need to cover them and to lock the wheels.

The bassinet also has some other unique features include a mesh window for good air circulation and a hidden storage space for your essentials.

As it is evident in the images below, you can fold the bassinet rather nicely for easy storage, when you are not using it.

How to fold the MIXX2 bassinet

This superior quality bassinet comes with a drape that you can pill over it to provide your baby an enclosed space for peaceful and undisturbed sleep.

The bassinet’s special drape

Parts of this stroller’s bassinet – the mattress cover and the top cover – can be removed and washed in washing machines.

The one thing I did not like about the bassinet is its price. It is sold separately from the stroller and it costs $150. This is just too high for me. However, considering the quality of the bassinet and its superior quality construction, I would be willing to pay the amount if my baby was still an infant.

The bassinet is available in two color options – Suited and Jett.

The Jett color bassinet

If you don’t have the money to buy the bassinet for now, just remember that it is an optional accessory. You can buy the stroller without it and still use it without the bassinet to carry your infant baby. That’s a relief, isn’t it?

The infant car seat

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There are several compatible infant car seats that you can attach on this stroller and use it as a travel system. The compatible infant car seats include Cybex, Max Cosi, and the Nuna Pipa.

All these are high-quality car seats that are comfortable and very secure for babies.

The Nuna MIXX2 infant car seat

The Nuna car seat comes with an adapter that does not have to be removed. You can leave it on your Nuna car seat when you install it in your car and it won’t damage your car’s seats. This makes it really convenient and quick to transfer the Nuna infant car seat between your stroller frame and your car.

The Nuna PIPA infant car seat

It only takes a few seconds to click the PIPA infant car seat onto the frame of the MIXX2 stroller. Based on the reviews I have read, I don’t think there is any other stroller whose compatible infant car seats are as easy to install as this one.

The Nuna PIPA newborn car seat

At 7.9 pounds, this NUNA car seat is pretty light. This means you will find it easy to carry around and to lift and put into your car trunk. It also has an ergonomic handle that makes it even easier to carry around.

This infant car seat can be used from birth until the baby gets to 32 pounds.

One of the best features on this infant car seat is its removable infant insert/ body pillow. You can add it to give your little baby proper back support if he or she is really young and small and remove it to create more space as your baby grows.

The Nuna PIPA

The most wonderful thing about the Nuna PIPA seat is that it is secure. It is a very safe newborn car seat that is designed to protect your baby in case of an accident. Part of the special design includes the tough plastic used to make its shell and its 5-point harness that ensures the baby does not fly out of the seat.

The car seat can absorb impact from any direction

Like the Nuna bassinet, this Nuna infant car seat also has a large canopy. The canopy has a UPF50 + rating. This means that it will protect your little one from harmful UV rays.

It also comes with a drape like the bassinet to provide additional protection from the low sun and to create a little sleeping pod for your baby.

The drape in action

This infant car seat is available in six colours. You can pair any of the color versions with the MIXX2. Nevertheless, you should understand that you will need to buy it separately if you want to use it.

It is available for sale on  PishPosh baby.

The Stroller’s Canopy

This stroller has an oversized and extendable canopy. The canopy is made of a high-quality fabric that also provides protection from harmful UV rays.

When the sun is too low or too bright, you can fully extend the canopy to provide your baby with near 100% shade. In addition to the canopy, this stroller comes with a sun visor. The visor can be hidden under the canopy or taken out by unzipping it from the canopy. Its work is to protect your baby’s vision from bright light.

Large canopy that is well ventilated

As mentioned, this canopy is extendable. To extend it, you need to unzip the center panel. When the canopy is extended to provide more coverage you would naturally expect it to become warmer.

However, this canopy is cleverly made with additional mesh windows on the sides of the extra panel. These additional windows increase air circulation and ensure your baby does not get too hot inside the canopy.

The additional mesh windows that ensure the baby stays cool

On top of the canopy, there is a large see-through window. This window allows you to monitor your baby closely throughout any trip you take with them on this stroller.

In case it is cold or you want to darken the space inside the canopy, you can close this window. It has a magnet closure instead of a Velcro closure, so closing it or opening it won’t even draw the attention of your baby.

The see-through window on the Nuna MIXX2


This stroller comes with wheels made of foam. Although big inflatable wheels are preferred, foam wheels are better options for people who don’t want to worry about punctures or carrying an air pump 24/7.

At 7.5 inches, the front wheels of this stroller are smaller than the rear wheels (11 inches). This design makes this stroller to look nice and to move smoothly. As you can see in one of the previous images on this review, it is so easy to push that even a young child can do it.

The wheels


I don’t think I have mentioned this before but this stroller is one of the safest ones available right now. This is because it has got multiple safety features including a brilliant brake system. The foot operated brake system prevents it from moving when you guys are parked. So you can eat peacefully at the restaurant or relax at the park without having to hold this stroller when you apply the brake.

The brake can be applied from any direction as long as your foot can reach it.

The brake system

This brake system is very easy to use. To apply it, step on the red part of the system. To release the brake, step on the green part of the system. You can apply the brakes while wearing high heels, sneakers, or even flip flops. No need to worry about damaging your shoes or hurting yourself in the process.


This Nuna stroller comes with an ergonomic and extendable handlebar. The handlebar can be extended to three different positions. Its minimum height from the floor/ ground is 38 inches, while its maximum height is 42 inches. So whether you are tall or short, you should be able to find a good height for you to easily push this stroller.

The extendable handlebar on the Nuna MIXX2


This stroller moves very smoothly. As I said, it is so easy to push even a young child can do it effortlessly. It is also easy to maneuver and turn even tight corners.

When I got the chance to push it and try it out, I enjoyed how it could turn in the streets with so many people moving around and so many corners to negotiate. It can even turn 360 degrees which is crazy cool.

The big foam wheels are the biggest reason why this stroller moves easily.

The big foam wheels also help a lot with movement on uneven terrain. Nuna’s special suspension technology cushions rides on uneven surfaces sparing your baby any discomfort. You can push this stroller over sidewalks, cracked sidewalks, cobblestone, gravel, unbeaten paths, or grass without any problems. It will roll smoothly over the terrains without any problems.

Storage space

The MIXX2 comes with a brilliant storage space. The space/ basket is big and it is located under the main seat. It also comes with a zippered storage space inside one of the walls of the storage basket. The zippered pouch is for storing small essentials such as keys and cards.

The storage area

You can separate the main storage space into two. This is perfect for those who often carry plenty of things in their strollers and would like to separate them into two; the stuff they may need quickly and the stuff they do not need quickly.

If you want to carry large things such as the large diaper bag, you should not divide the storage area. As you can see in the photo, the undivided area is big enough to carry a big diaper and have enough space left for a blanket and a few other things.

The storage area can be easily accessed from the back and the sides.


It is ideal for shopping because of its large storage area

Besides the storage basket underneath the seat and its inside pouch, there is another storage area on the back of this stroller’s main seat. You can store wipes, snacks, tissues, wallet, or phone inside this pouch. Since this storage space is easy to reach, it is very convenient to use.

Weight and folding

This a standard converting stroller. It weighs 26.8 pounds. To be frank, it is heavier than most lightweight strollers. Nevertheless, it can easily be folded into a relatively easy to carry unit. It can be folded with and without the main seat.

The folded MIXX2 unit

One of the best thing about how it folds is that it becomes like a suitcase, allowing you to pull it on its rear wheels. This makes it very easy to travel around with.

Folding it is easy

It is very easy to fold the Nuna MIXX2. When folded, it automatically locks itself making it easy to transport.

It can be unfolded using one hand. However, lest you get frustrated, you should unlock it before attempting to unfold it.


It is a breeze to assemble this stroller. It comes with its rear axle and wheels attached. You just need to unfold it and click everything into the right spot. Basically, within a few minutes, the stroller will be ready for use.

More instructions are availed in the form of an instructional booklet that comes with the stroller.


This stroller comes with several exciting accessories that you do not have to buy separately. They include an adapter for compatible newborn car seats and a rain cover.

The rain cover

The manufacturer of this stroller also makes several compatible accessories that you can buy separately. They include a seat liner, a footmuff, and a travel bag. You can also purchase other accessories that are compatible with this Nuna stroller e.g. a beverage holder, a child tray or a parent organizer from other manufacturers.

Nuna accessories

The PROS and CONS of the Nuna MIXX2

To summarize this review, below is a list of its pros and cons.


  • Multi-functional and versatile convertible stroller
  • Can be used as a pram, as a travel system, and as a toddler stroller
  • Its main seat can be used from birth (no need to buy a bassinet if you can’t afford it)
  • It can be reclined easily
  • Features an oversized and extendable canopy
  • Constructed using a superior quality fabric
  • Has large foam-made wheels that can handle most terrains
  • Features a brilliant suspension system
  • It is perfect for parents of all heights as its handlebar is adjustable
  • Can easily be steered over most types of surfaces
  • Comes with a large storage bag
  • Can be easily folded
  • Includes accessories e.g. adapter and rain cover


  • Not available in many color options
  • Some parents find it heavy


Nuna MIXX2 Video

Here is a video that reviews the NUNA MIXX2. It shows how to get it out of the box, how to assemble it, and the various features it comes with. From it, you can visually appreciate the brilliance of this Nuna stroller.

Stroller Specs

  • Type: Standard convertible stroller
  • Weight 26.8 pounds
  • Maximum weight limit: 50 pounds
  • Dimensions: 23.4 by 44.3 by 33.5 inches
  • Handlebar height from ground: 38 to 42 inches

Available models

This stroller is available in five color models/ versions: Suited, Jett, Berry, Indigo, and Caviar. Some of the options can be bought with a bassinet.

Available Nuna MIXX2 color models

If you are on a budget please note that the different color models are available at different prices. Some are more expensive than others. So if you see a version you like but its price is too high, check the prices of the other color versions. You may find one or two that are more within your budget.

Moreover, strollers with bassinets will always cost more than strollers without bassinets. And since the Nuna MIXX2 can be used without a bassinet, you can buy it as a standalone unit and use it that way if you are on a budget.

Nuna MIXX 2019 model

This stroller has been upgraded for 2019. Its latest version includes several upgrades.

  1. New style and finishes
  2. A ring adapter that makes it compatible with all Nuna car seats including the Pipa Lite LX, the Pipa Lite, and the Pipa
  3. A high mounted seat for easy bonding with your toddler
  4. Easy to adjust harness that you can adjust with time
  5. A new all-season bamboo fabric seat that is not only breathable but also more comfortable



The manufacturer of this stroller has a two year warranty for the frame and a one year warranty for the accessories. You can get more information about the warranties on the company’s official website.

What other moms and dads think about this stroller

Many parents really love this stroller. They love how gorgeous it looks, how easy it rolls, how compactly it folds, and several other things about it.

The size of the storage bag is a thing I have heard or seen many parents comment about. They really love it. How easy it is to travel with when folded is also something I have heard many parents say they like.

Some of the things that parents do not like include the fact that the stroller does not expand to accommodate more children. I guess with all the features this stroller has some half-expected it to be expandable. At least I did. Parents also do not like how the canopy does not stay fully extended when the main seat is reclined; it moves back a bit.


I love this stroller. I truly believe it is on the same level as strollers such as the UPPAbaby VISTA. This is because it is well-made, sturdy, and has got plenty of exciting features. It is also pretty safe and sturdy.

Your baby will love sitting in this stroller. This is because it will be comfortable for him or her. You will also love it as it will be very easy to push on most terrains and also very easy to adjust and maintain.

What you should not before buying this stroller

This is not a jogging stroller. It is also not an all-terrain stroller. It is not built for all terrains or for high speeds. If you want an all-terrain stroller, find one or you will be wasting your money if you buy this one as it will break down quickly.

Why you should buy this stroller

  1. It is a convertible stroller that can be used as a pram (with a bassinet), as a travel system (with a PIPA seat), or as a toddler stroller.
  2. It is stylish, comfortable, a breeze to push, and very safe for the baby to use
  3. It is an everyday stroller that can be used on dirt roads, for trips to parks, and for strolling around the neighborhood.

If you aren’t sure about this stroller you can read our comprehensive review of all convertible strollers here


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