I present to you Nuna’s first expandable baby stroller. All-new and uniquely designed, this stroller will be loved by even the very most critical parents. Just as suggested by the name, the stroller has been built to grow with your family.

The stroller can put to use from infancy up to preschool for not just one but two babies – who could be twins or siblings of varying ages. And thanks to the stroller’s 23 different baby seating positions, you won’t miss the ideal arrangement for you and your little ones.

Below are some of the incredible features of this stroller

  • It can be used right from birth when paired with a baby car seat or a bassinet
  • It can be used as a travel system with an infant car seat
  • The stroller can be expanded to become a double baby buggy
  • It can work with 2 bassinets, 2 infant car seats, or 2 regular seats


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Nuna Demi Grow Review

Nuna Demi Grow stroller

Convertible baby strollers that parents can use with a bassinet, a baby car seat or a toddler seat are nowadays a standard. This is precisely why stroller manufacturers go a step further to come up with products that can not only be converted into a travel system or pram but also be expanded to accommodate a second or third baby.

Nuna designs functional and simple strollers. They have few convertible baby strollers that parents can use with different types of seats. Nuna has, however, changed this by introducing a new stroller to the market- The Nuna Demi Grow, which can be used for two babies.

Seating options


This latest Nuna stroller features an incredible 23 baby seating positions. This is mind-blowing! Parents can connect to the stroller’s frame two bassinets, two infant seats, or two regular seats to carry their twins or mix the seats for children of varying ages.

The several seating positions featured in this stroller makes it a wise investment for any parent.

Some of the stroller’s seating positions

Nuna Demi Grow toddler seat

The Demi Grow toddler seat is appropriate for use from around six months when your kid gains proper head and neck control. The seat features a three-position recline; from flat to upright position. Also featured is a footrest that’s adjustable. Adjusting the stroller’s footrest and reclining its seat can both be done using just one hand.

Demi Grow features a main seat that can be reclined using one hand

The Demi Grow seat can also be reversed; meaning that your child can either be seated facing you or facing the surroundings during strolls. This is a very important feature. When your child is younger, they can seat facing you and this allows you to always keep a close eye at them. Once your baby grows a bit older, the seat can be reversed hence allowing your child to watch the world around them as you stroll. The good thing is that it is very easy to reverse the seat on this stroller.

Demi Grow’s reversible regular seat

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This stroller’s toddler seat also comes with a rotating bumper bar that is detachable to make it easy to put the baby onto the stroller and to remove them from the stroller.

The seat also features a five-point harness for safety. The harness is adjustable so your baby can definitely grow with it.

One more incredible feature of the Demi Grow toddler seat is that it is waterproof seat with removable padding and a breathable mesh that prevents overheating during summer.

The all-weather seat of the Demi Grow that features a detachable padding and breathable mesh

If you wish to use the Demi Grow to accommodate two toddlers at the same time then you will have to purchase a second seat. Luckily, the second seat that is compatible with this stroller is of similar capacity as this stroller’s toddler seat (50 pounds). It also has the exact same features at this main seat. Furthermore, you do not need any adapters to connect the second baby seat, meaning that you will not need to spend any extra cash beyond what you will spend getting the extra seat.

Demi Grow has a lot of space for two babies

Demi Grow bassinet

The Demi Grow bassinet is appropriate for use right from birth up to about 6 months of age. It is properly equipped with a top-quality comfy mattress that offers proper support and positioning for the newborn’s head, neck, and back.

The bassinet comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry around.

The only issue with it is that you have to buy it separately. (It does not come with this stroller)

The Demi Grow bassinet on the stroller

Demi Grow infant car seat compatibility

This stroller can be turned into an incredible travel system stroller for either one or two babies. This is because it includes a double set of adapters for one or two car seats from the Nuna PIPA range. If you need an infant car seat to attach to this stroller, you need to purchase it separately.

Demi Grow can be utilized as a travel system stroller for even two babies

Demi Grow’s options for infant and toddler

If you intend to utilize this baby stroller for children of varying ages, there are two options available: first is the toddler seat plus bassinet and second is the toddler seat plus infant car seat.

The best part is that the toddler seat can be connected in a lower position and the infant car seat or bassinet attached above it. This means that you can have your infant next to you for closer monitoring while your older baby rides at the bottom seat.

Demi Grow allows you to connect the infant seat in the upper position and the regular seat at the bottom

Toddlers love riding at the bottom; it gives them some sort of independence and private space. And you do not have to fret about blocking their view as they will still have a nice view of both sides. But if you like, you could still attach the infant seat at the bottom and the main seat at the top of your stroller.

Your toddler at the bottom still enjoys a nice view of both sides

Remember that the sibling seat is separately sold.

Demi Grow canopy

The stroller’s toddler seat has a really huge canopy featuring a sun visor. The canopy covers the child very well. Also featured in the sunshade is a mesh peeking window that allows for better air-flow during hot days.

Another handy accessory of Demi Grow’s canopy is the Dream Drape. It ensures that your little one’s nap time is not interrupted. It provides child privacy as well as protection from the surroundings. The best thing is that this useful accessory comes with the stroller inside the canopy’s zippered part.

The incredible extendable canopy of Nuna Demi Grow that features the Dream Drape for undisturbed sleep

You can, therefore, provide your little one with a comfy space for uninterrupted sleep by simply unzipping the canopy and stretching out the included Dream Drape. This additional accessory is handy and super convenient for both babies and parents. Additionally, it also offers complete protection from the wind and sun, without minimizing airflow.

The infant seat and bassinet also feature a Dream Drape.

Bassinet with Dream Drape

Demi Grow wheels

This stroller comes four high-quality wheels made using hard-wearing foam. They function just as brilliantly as inflatable tires. And given that the wheels are made of foam, you do not ever have to concern yourself about having flat tires. Your baby will always enjoy comfortable, smooth rides.

The wheels at the front are pivoting and this makes Demi Grow more nimble. These wheels can, however, be locked and this gives the stroller more stability especially when riding on rough grounds.

The front wheels are pivoting but they are still lockable for more stability

The stroller’s wheels are quite huge and can thus handle several kinds of terrain quite well, without necessarily getting stuck or the stroller wobbling. One more incredible thing about the stroller’s wheels is that the rear tires have fenders, which protect both the parent as well as the buggy from dirt and debris. The fenders also protect your little one from touching the stroller’s wheels and injuring themself. Thanks to these incredible fenders, you can ride this baby stroller over muddy trails, puddles, or gravel without worrying about getting you or your baby dirty.

The stroller also features a special dual suspension that cushions your rides. This suspension allows your little one to seat as well as nap comfortably without getting bumped around.

Even with two seats attached, the stroller’s wheels roll smoothly and this makes it a breeze to push.

The wheels can be locked using this foot-operated brake

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Demi Grow brake

Demi Grow features a single-action brake that can be operated using your foot. It is positioned next to the stroller’s right back wheel. Pressing and lifting this brake pedal is quite simple.

Demi Grow handlebar

This Nuna stroller features a handlebar that’s adjustable and this makes pushing it comfortable for parents of all heights. I particularly love that the handlebar adjusts through extension and not rotation. This provides more space behind the baby stroller to those tall parents having long legs. So if you fall into this category (tall parents) you do not have to fret about your legs knocking the axle when pushing this stroller

Demi Grow has a leather bumper and handlebar that give it a very luxurious appearance

Demi Grow storage space

Beneath the seat is a spacious storage basket that has been specially designed to offer easy access to the parent regardless of the seat that you are using for your baby.

When you, however, expand the Demi Grow to become a double stroller, the second baby seat (bassinet or toddler seat) partly or completely covers this basket. But that does not mean that you will not have any storage space when using this stroller as a double stroller. You can detach the under-seat basket and use it as a shopping basket.

Removable basket the Demi Grow

Demi Grow size

Similar to other expandable and convertible baby strollers, this stroller is not small in size and light in weight. Besides, it has to be pretty strong in order to carry to grown toddlers. With the main seat only, Demi Grow weighs roughly 28 pounds and it gets even bulkier and heavier when an extra seat is added.

Its frame is of similar size in both the double and single versions, and so for a single baby stroller, it is quite huge but really compact for a double stroller. It is, in fact, a lot more compact compared to regular tandem baby strollers (not mentioning side-t-side baby strollers).

Demi Grow is more compact in comparison to most double strollers

Folding the stroller literally takes only a few seconds and is very simple to do. All you need to do is to lift the two toggles located at each side of the handlebar. Just do that and the buggy will fold itself! When folded, the stroller can stand by itself and there is an automatic lock, which stops it from opening up during transportation or storage.

And just like all other expandable baby strollers, Nuna Demi Grow is quite huge even after folding. The fold, however, still comfortably fits in your car’s trunk in spite of the size. Note that both folding and storage are easy-peasy when the stroller’s seat(s) are detached. And to make carrying your folded stroller easier and more convenient, there’s a handle for this purpose.

Demi Grow quality

This stroller features a luxurious leather bumper bar and handlebar that give it a gorgeous chic look. Its frame is also constructed using top-quality materials that make it quite strong and stable.

Like all other Nuna baby strollers, Demi Grow has a nicely padded, soft seat for maximum comfort. The stroller as a whole is quite stylish and attractive; your friends will be envious of you.

Nuna Demi Grow accessories


Some of the accessories included in Demi Grow

Demi Grow comes with a rain cover, fenders, as well as adapter for PIPA infant seats (two sets). There are, however, a few other accessories that can be separately purchased such as a travel bag, a second regular set, and a bassinet.

Demi Grow color options

The stroller is available in three different colors; Aspen, Caviar, and Frost. All three colors are chic and gorgeous to look at.

Three color versions of the stroller

Release date and pricing

The release date of the stroller was scheduled to be at the start of 2018 and Demi Grow was on time! It is now readily available out there on the market.

Demi Grow is a high-quality, pricey baby stroller. The stroller’s basic set includes just one regular seat. If you, nonetheless, wish to expand this stroller to a double stroller or use it right from your baby’s birth, then you will have to buy an infant seat and bassinet separately. It is unfortunate that you will have to incur some extra costs.

Demi Grow’s pricing is similar to that of UPPAbaby VISTA; both are quite expensive. For that reason, it is always advisable to look out for discounts and sales on this stroller in order to purchase it a little bit cheaper.


Nuna Demi Grow is a great stroller choice for those parents that have only one child at the moment but are planning to get more. It is also perfect for those who have two babies (could be an infant and a toddler or twins). This stroller grows with your growing child and it nicely adapts to the growing family as well. With the numerous seating positions it offers, it will definitely meet both your and your babies’ needs.

When converted into a double stroller, it is not as clumsy as its counterparts. It is nimble and a breeze to push.

If you are thinking about getting an expandable and convertible stroller, Nuna Demi Grow should certainly be at the top of your list.

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