Meet this lightweight stroller and travel system, featuring an extra-safe car seat that is guaranteed to offer you little one incredible strolling encounters! The Chicco Viaro traveling system includes an impressive infant car seat together with an ultra-light and easily portable stroller.

Chicco Viaro features the popular and beloved KeyFit 30- a baby car seat that is highly recommended and rated by numerous parents. A lot of parents love KeyFit 30 because of its incredible safety features; it clicks perfectly into the stroller and holds the baby comfortably and securely. The traveling system itself is suitable for use on infants that can sit unaided and is perfect for taking walks on flat surfaces such as the city paths.

It is a nice option for those parents that wish to have just a single stroller with a matching baby car seat during the early months. In fact, this could be the only stroller that you will ever use on your baby or babies!

Both pieces included in this traveling system are somewhat light and quite easy to transport. And the best part is that the Chicco Viaro travel system is available at pocket-friendly prices!

Chicco Viaro Travel System, Techna
  • Includes the #1-rated Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat
  • Lightweight aluminum frame and sleek 3-wheel design
  • One-hand, free-standing fold
  • Multi-position reclining seat and adjustable canopy
  • Parent and child trays with cup holders, large storage basket

Chicco produces high-quality baby products that are not highly-priced and Chicco Viaro Travelling system is a good example of such. It is actually a nice and super affordable alternative for the Chicco Bravo Trio Travelling System.


Chicco Viaro Travelling System Features Review


I know by now you want to know more about the praised features of the Chicco Viaro Travelling system. Let’s dive in!

Chicco Viaro Travelling System featuring KeyFit 30

KeyFit 30 (Infant car seat)

If you intend to use Chicco Viaro right from birth, you will have to include KeyFit 30; one of the top infant car seats in America.

You could either choose to purchase the baby car seat and the stroller separately or get the whole set at once. The Chicco Travelling System featuring the incredible KeyFit 30 is suitable for use on 4 to 30-pound babies.

KeyFit 30 is suitable for use on 4 to 30-pound babies

Let us now take a deeper look at KeyFit 30 and what features it includes.

KeyFit 30 is among the most popular baby car seats in America. Apart from its installation to the car being quite easy, the seat is also really easy to transfer from the car to the stroller. For an even simpler transition from the car to the stroller, KeyFit 30 features a two-position handle that allows you to easily carry your little one in the seat.

KeyFit 30 is very easy to install to the base and stroller


Also included are leveling bubble and foot level indicators that assist you in setting the base at a suitable angle while in the car. In addition, KeyFit 30 is properly lined with EPS energy-absorbent foam that protects your child from the impact of collisions.

KeyFit 30 features bubble level indicators which help in the proper installation of the seat in the car

Another feature is a comfy, removable newborn pillow (those that weigh between 4 to 11 pounds) for full-body support. The pillow can be removed later on as the child grows. For extra child safety, there is a five-point harness.

KeyFit 30 includes a cozy newborn pillow that offers full-body support to the child as well as a five-point harness to securely hold the baby

KeyFit 30 also features a removable sunshade. With the car seat attached to the stroller, both canopies can be used (that of the Chicco Viaro stroller as well as that of the infant car seat) to offer full protection from the wind and sun. You could also just use one of the car seats.

With the KeyFit 30 attached to the stroller, both canopies can be used to offer the baby full protection from the wind and sun. Bear in mind, however, that stroller becomes bulkier and heavier when the car set is included.

If you chose to purchase this travel system at once, the car seat and stroller will be of the same color. And if you separately purchase the car seat and stroller, you could either select different or the same colors for the two pieces.



The Chicco Viaro baby stroller is appropriate for use from six months. The regular set is quite huge and does not fully recline and so is not appropriate for newborns. In addition, the backrest does not provide ample support for small babies. Therefore, if you wish to use Chicco Viaro straight from birth, you have to include the infant car seat.

Stroller is appropriate for use from six months and has a weight limit of 50 pounds

The maximum weight capacity of the featured regular seat is 50 pounds. The stroller itself can be used for children of up to the age of 3.

The seat has infinite recline; simply squeeze a buckle using one hand and set the backrest to whichever angle you want. The deepest reclining angle is not fully flat, but still offers a comfortable napping position for toddlers. Note that even though lowering the backrest only requires one hand, you will need both hands to raise it back up.

The backrest does not fully recline but still offers a comfortable napping position for toddlers that enjoy napping during strolls

The seat features a soft, cozy padding and a non-adjustable leg rest. The shoulder straps contained in the five-point harness are nicely-padded as well.

The regular seat also features a footrest (non-adjustable) that is made of plastic hence very easy to clean up.

Unlike Chicco Bravo trio, the seat in Chicco Viaro cannot be removed from the stroller. You could, however, detach the seat padding and hand wash it.

Seat incorporates a soft padding that offers a nice, comfy ride to the child. Even though the seat is not detachable, the seat padding can be removed for washing

Chicco Viaro Travel System, Techna
  • Includes the #1-rated Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat
  • Lightweight aluminum frame and sleek 3-wheel design
  • One-hand, free-standing fold
  • Multi-position reclining seat and adjustable canopy
  • Parent and child trays with cup holders, large storage basket


Featured in Chicco Viaro is an extendable, removable two-panel sunshade that is quite huge but does not go really down. The canopy does not offer ample shade, particularly for small babies. It would have been better if there were an additional removable sun visor to prevent the sun from directly reaching the baby’s eyes.

Chicco Viaro features a decent sunshade. Even though it is quite huge, it does not extend very far down

One other thing that most parents dislike about Chicco Viaro’s canopy is the absence of a peek-a-boo window that allows you to peek on your child. There are some parents that do not mind not having a peeking window, but to some, it is a deal-breaker.



This Chicco stroller comes with a non-adjustable handlebar that is 40 inches from the riding ground. This height makes it comfortable for the average height parents, but not really convenient for the very tall or short individuals.

Non-adjustable handlebar covered with foam

I am not really a huge fan of the foam covering on the handlebar- it rips easily and so you must be extra careful when transporting this stroller from one point to another.




Chicco Viaro has three wheels. The wheel at the front swivels and this makes it easy to maneuver and steer the stroller in tight spaces such as supermarket aisles. The wheels are, however, small and the tires have been made using EVA foam that means the stroller should be used on smooth, flat grounds.

Chicco Viaro features tiny plastic wheels made using EVA foam. These wheels are not suited to rough terrain

Viaro is perfect for use indoors (at the airport, mall) and moves easily on smooth pavements or sidewalks. It is, however, not recommended for use on rough grounds as your child is going to feel every rock, crack, or bump. Even though the front wheel has an in-built suspension, the ride offered is still not cushioned.

Chicco Bravo Trio, a traveling system from the same manufacturer, features a 4-wheel design. Similar to Chicco Viaro, the wheels in Bravo Trio are tiny and are made of EVA foam, which makes the stroller unsuitable for uneven surfaces as well.

If you are in search of a traveling system that can be used on all kinds of terrain, take a look at Britax B-Agile or UPPAbaby VISTA travel systems.


The two wheels at the back of the stroller lock independently. Each of the wheels has its own braking pedal that should be pressed separately to stop the stroller. Both pedals are nice in size and quite simple to operate, but lifting them in open-toed shoes might be a bit difficult.

The two braking pedals are individually operated

I personally prefer strollers with just one braking pedal, but that is not to mean that the two featured in Viaro are bad.

Storage Basket

Viaro has a massive basket that is even capable of accommodating a huge diaper bag. In addition, the storage basket is really easy to access from behind (if the seat has been reclined) and from the front (when the calf rest is lifted).

Spacious storage basket featured in Chicco Viaro stroller


Additional storage options (included accessories)

This Chicco stroller comes with a child tray and a parent tray, each one of them having an open storage compartment and 2 cup holders. They offer the perfect holding place for the child’s training cup or bottle, or the mom’s ice coffee, water bottle, and mobile phone.

Chicco Viaro features a child tray and a separate parent tray

Weight, size, and fold

This is a small stroller. You will not experience any issues fitting it through most doorways as Chicco Viaro is only 25.5 inches wide. But a few parents complain that the back wheels are too wide, which makes the stroller bulkier.

Viaro weighs 18 pounds which means that it is very lightweight and somewhat easy to carry around or lift. Carrying it up the stairs or lifting the stroller to your car trunk will not be quite hard (it is something that most women can do).

Both the stroller and infant car seat are light in weight

Chicco Viaro folds up decently but occupies almost the entire car trunk. In spite of the size of the fold, it is still not really difficult to store or transport the stroller. When folding it, you will have to raise the padding on the seat then pull a handle hidden at the seat’s center and the stroller shall automatically close in half. This is something that can be done using a single hand.

Viaro can be folded using one hand only

The fold occupies less space when the child tray is detached. Its folded dimensions are 13.5 inches by 25.5 inches by 33.25 inches.

When folded, the stroller can alone without any support, which is a great feature. Unfortunately, the closed position has no lock.

When folded, Chicco Viaro self-stands

Pros and cons


  • Features a highly praised and one of the top infant car seats in America, KeyFit 30
  • It is easy to move the car seat from the car to the stroller and vice versa
  • Spacious storage basket that’s perfect for shopping and can even accommodate a huge diaper bag
  • Includes child and parent trays both with cup holders
  • Maneuvers and rolls smoothly on flat surfaces
  • Light in weight hence easy to carry around
  • Easy to fold with one hand
  • Available at pocket-friendly prices


  • Bulky when the infant car seat has been attached to the stroller
  • Small wheels with no suspension making the stroller unsuitable for uneven grounds
  • Wide back
  • No peeking window
  • No fold lock


What do other parents say about the Chicco Viaro Travelling System?


This Chicco stroller is quite popular and is in fact among the top-rated traveling systems. On Amazon, nearly all the reviews about this stroller are positive reviews. It is as if parents have nothing negative to say about this stroller! There are numerous features about Chicco Viaro that parents really love. Let’s take a look at some of them.

The infant car seat is very easy to connect to the stroller and base, and it securely locks in. In addition, installation of the base to the car is easy as well! The infant car seat (KeyFit 30) that comes with this traveling system is convenient to use on newborns. Apart from being easy to handle, the five-point harness included in user-friendly too (it is easy to lock and unlock). The comfy pillow also included in the seat offers great support to the baby’s entire body. The baby feels very safe in the pillow.

The stroller’s storage basket is massive and easy to access both from the back and the front. The basket can carry a large diaper bag and a lot of groceries. On top of that, the parent and child trays both include cup holders. How amazing is that!

A lot of parents agree that the stroller is easy to fold using one hand. You can hold your baby on one hand and use the other hand to fold the stroller! Other parents, however, find the fold to be bulky but say that it still fits in most trunks (even though it occupies the entire space).

Being lightweight, the stroller is easy to lift and carry around even by mums who underwent C-section. The sunshade opens and closes silently and so don’t have to worry about disturbing your sleeping baby. A lot of users also agree that this Chicco stroller is stylish.

Even though Chicco Viaro has a lot of great features, it is not perfect! There some parents who complain about the size of the fold; they say that the fold is huge and bulky.

For Chicco Viaro to be used with KeyFit 30 (infant car seat) the stroller should be reclined as well as the child tray connected as it is useful in the installation of the car seat. A few parents complain that the sunshade is not that efficient. The absence of a peeking window and a lock for the closed position are also other things that parents dislike about this stroller. One of the users even mentioned that the fabric used in Chicco Viaro is of lower quality compared to that of other strollers such as that in Britax.

The main flaw of this Chicco stroller is the design of the wheels. The stroller bounces and shakes when rode on uneven terrain. However, when rode on flat surfaces, the stroller rolls smoothly and steering with one hand is even possible. Even though a few parents say that the stroller can be used on gravel, I still think that it is unsuitable for rough surfaces.

Viaro is perfect for city strolls. It rolls smoothly on paves roads and is easy to steer in tight spaces such as supermarket aisles. Most users agree that Chicco Viaro is a high-quality and user-friendly stroller. It is without a doubt a great travel system.

Chicco Viaro Travel System, Techna
  • Includes the #1-rated Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat
  • Lightweight aluminum frame and sleek 3-wheel design
  • One-hand, free-standing fold
  • Multi-position reclining seat and adjustable canopy
  • Parent and child trays with cup holders, large storage basket


Type of strollerTravel System
Weight of stroller18 pounds (Viaro Stroller), 9.5 pounds (KeyFit 30)
Maximum weight capacity50 pounds (Viaro Stroller), 30 pounds (KeyFit 30)
Stroller Dimensions38 inches by 25.5 inches by 41.25 inches (L x W x H)
Fold Dimensions13.5 inches by 25.5 inches by 33.25 inches
Height of handlebar (from the ground)40 inches
Size of wheels7 inches (Front) and 8.75inches (Back)


There are two color versions of this Chicco stroller; Regatta and Graphite. The travel system, however, has more options to choose from. There are seven colors available; cranberry, teak, apex, Nordic, dune, verdant, and coastal.

Two-color versions of the Chicco Viaro stroller

Note that not all color versions are always available for sale on the market. Therefore, before making your purchase, ensure that you check the available colors as well as their prices. Below are the different color versions of the Viaro traveling system.

Seven color versions of the Chicco Viaro traveling system

Chicco Viaro versus Chicco Bravo

Both Chicco Viaro and Chicco Bravo travel systems come with KeyFit 30, but their strollers are different in a lot of ways. Below is a quick comparison of the two.

Chicco Viaro StrollerChicco Bravo Stroller
Three wheelsFour wheels
Suspension of front wheel onlyAll wheels have suspension
Two seating options; the regular stroller seat or the infant car seat connected to the regular seatThree seating options; the regular stroller seat, the infant car seat connected to the regular seat, or the infant car set connected to the frame only without the regular stroller seat
Non-detachable seatDetachable seat
Multi-position reclineThree-position recline
Two-panel sunshadeThree-panel sunshade
Non-adjustable handlebar (40 inches from the ground)Adjustable handlebar – three positions from 36.5 inches to 42 inches
Double-action brakeSingle-touch brake
Weighs 18 poundsWeighs 23 pounds (without seat – 18 pounds)
25.5 inches wide21.75 inches wide
Fold dimensions are 13.5 inches by 25.5 inches by 33.25 inchesFold dimensions are 16 inches by 21.75 inches by 28 inches
Check the latest colors and prices On AmazonCheck the latest colors and prices on Amazon


Bear in mind

When the infant seat is attached, the stroller is really bulky since the seat should be reclined and it clicks on the child’s tray. The stroller is much heavier with the infant car seat since the regular seat is non-detachable. In addition, Chicco Viaro is not suited for rough surfaces.


Why buy the Chicco Viaro Travel System

Here are three reasons why you should purchase this travel system;

  1. It is available at pocket-friendly prices.
  2. It comes with a popular and highly rated infant car seat (KeyFit 30) that is quite user-friendly and has some amazing features.
  3. It is perfect for city use and rides smoothly on flat surfaces. Its spacious storage basket is another plus.

Chicco Viaro Travel System, Techna
  • Includes the #1-rated Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat
  • Lightweight aluminum frame and sleek 3-wheel design
  • One-hand, free-standing fold
  • Multi-position reclining seat and adjustable canopy
  • Parent and child trays with cup holders, large storage basket


If you got any questions about this or other strollers, let me know in the comments and i’ll help you :-)


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