Not long ago, the Bugaboo Company released an upgrade of perhaps their most famous stroller to date, the Bugaboo Donkey stroller (2017). The upgrade is referred to as the Bugaboo Donkey 2. Not sure of which is better between the two? Read on to find out the similarities and differences between the two strollers.


The Bugaboo Donkey2 Review


Anybody who has heard of or used the Bugaboo Donkey 2017, probably needs no introduction to it. In summary, it is a workhorse. It is sturdy and works brilliantly. The thing I love the most about it is its convertibility/ flexibility. It can be transformed in several ways to carry one or two babies. I also love how versatile and multifunctional it is.

Most importantly, it is a beauty. It is something that you will be proud to use in the public. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful stroller ever made to date.

The upgraded Bugaboo Donkey2

For one reason or the other (I do not know why), the Bugaboo Company decided to upgrade the Bugaboo Donkey 2017. When I heard it was going to be upgraded I immediately thought that it was going to be a bad idea. However, I was pleasantly surprised when the Bugaboo Donkey 2018 was released. It matches the looks of its predecessor (it is very stylish). And more importantly, it is a more comfortable and convenient baby transport compared to the original model.




The wheels of the Bugaboo Donkey 2 are very different from the wheels of the original version. They are different in the sense that they are foam-filled and not air-filled as was the case. This is the biggest difference between the Donkey 2 and the original 2017 model.

The foam-filled wheels of the Bugaboo Donkey 2.

The original version has air-filled wheels. The air-filled wheels are all-terrain and typically provide a smooth ride over grass, cobblestone, cracked pavements, and other types of terrain. However, they have a big disadvantage. The disadvantage is the fact that they deflate. The deflation can be annoying because it means you always have to carry the pump with you to make sure the tires have the right air pressure to work optimally.

Moreover, the air-filled wheels can also get a puncture. This can be quite frustrating especially if you are far from home or if you have to use public transportation to make your way back home.

The manufacturer must have noticed how annoying and frustrating the air-filled tires were. And that is why they decided to replace them with foam-filled ones in the new model.

The foam-filled Bugaboo Donkey 2018 wheels cannot be deflated. They also cannot be punctured. In other words, they are not annoying or frustrating. Most importantly, there is no difference between them and air-filled tires in terms of shock absorption. They have made the new stroller’s rides just as smooth and stable as its predecessor’s. How cool is that?


The Bugaboo Donkey 2018 has an upgraded frame. It is upgraded in the sense that it is more sturdy and stable. It has the potential to work for you for many years.

The new frame is also more balanced. The stroller doesn’t wobble even when carrying a heavy load.

The upgraded frame of the Donkey 2.

The Bugaboo Donkey 2018 also has a new suspension. Unlike the suspension on the previous model, this one is an all-wheel system. It has made it much easier to maneuver the stroller and has provided it with extra stability. In addition, it has made the new stroller much more comfortable to ride on. It is definitely much more brilliant than the one on the original Bugaboo Donkey.


The upgraded stroller has a new side storage basket. It is available in several exciting color options.

I think the best thing about it is that it has a special cover that will protect your valuables and your baby’s essential from the rain, snow, or sun. The cover also serves to keep the stuff you are carrying safe.

The upgraded stroller’s storage basket

If your baby like grabbing things and throwing them away, the cover will also help you to prevent him or her from taking such actions. In contrast, the original Donkey stroller had an open side storage basket. So you could not prevent the baby from taking such actions when carrying them with the stroller.

And even though the Donkey side storage basket comes with a cover, it has a zipper in it that allows you to quickly and easily access anything you want in the basket. So need to remove the cover in its entirety anytime you would like to fish out your smartphone or take out a snack or beverage. This is pretty clever in my opinion.

The side storage basket is perfect for storing baby essentials and also for shopping.

The upgraded stroller’s side storage basket also has a bigger storage capacity than that of the original one. The storage capacity of the original one is 11 pounds, while that of the new one is 22 pounds. In simpler words, the new storage basket can hold twice as much stuff as the original one. So you can use it to carry plenty of stuff.



The original version of the Bugaboo Donkey is available in black only. The canopy can, however, be customized to take different colors. In contrast, the new one is available in many different base colors and can be customized in many ways.

The new stroller is available in black or aluminum frames, three different base colors, and eleven different canopy colors. So it can be customized considerably.

The frame is available in two colors: black and aluminum. While the base color, which is the dominant color on the seat, the side storage basket, the apron, and the bassinet base, can be one of three colors: blue mélange, grey mélange, and black. Lastly, the sunshade and the side storage basket cover are available in eleven color options: botanic print, waves print, grey mélange, blue mélange, red mélange, soft pink, sunrise yellow, black, olive green, and ruby red.

As it is evident in this image, the side basket color matches the color of the seat, while the side basket cover matches the color of the canopy. This matching gives the Bugaboo Donkey 2018 a distinct and stylish look!


The new Bugaboo has got superior quality fabrics compared to the original version. The canopy fabric is thicker and more flexible. This is for the CORE COLLECTION Donkey 2 strollers. For the SIGNATURE COLLECTION Donkey 2 strollers, the canopy fabric is more sturdy and less flexible.

The fabric used to make all Donkey 2 bassinet aprons is also much better designed. It now fits tighter and covers the bassinet much better.

As it is evident from the section above, the Bugaboo 2 has been upgraded in several ways. It is a better stroller than the original one in several ways but at the same time, it remains expandable, convertible, and awesome.

The Bugaboo Donkey 2018 can easily be expanded. You can expand it from a one baby stroller to a twin stroller very quickly. This makes it perfect for moms and dads with one child and expecting another soon. It is also perfect for those who have or are expecting twins. Like the first Bugaboo Donkey, the new one is available in three different versions: the single version, the duo version, and the double version.

The Bugaboo Donkey 2018 Mono version with its side basket.

The single (mono) version of the Bugaboo Donkey 2 is an all in one stroller. It can be utilized with an infant car seat, a standard seat, or a bassinet. It is a mono seat stroller. The place for the second seat is occupied by the side storage basket. In case you want to expand the Bugaboo Donkey 2 to a twin stroller, you simply need to adjust the frame. You can do this in less than 20 seconds.


The Bugaboo Donkey 2018 duo version with bassinets.

In the twin mode, you can attach either 2 toddler seats or 2 bassinets on the frame at the same time. You can also attach one toddler seat and one bassinet at the same time. Therefore, in this mode, the Donkey 2 is perfect for parents of twins and for those with two babies with a small age difference.

I love bassinets. I know transferring a sleeping baby from an infant car seat to a bassinet can be hectic but I am also cognizant of the fact that my babies sleep better in bassinets compared to infant car seats. This is because it is the bassinets that provide them with the true flat position they need to sleep safely and soundly as infants. Therefore, the fact that one or two bassinets can be attached to the Bugaboo Donkey 2 is very exciting for me.

Moreover, the stroller can also take toddler seats as mentioned or indicated several times below. In other words, the Donkey2 2018 can be used from birth to age four or five.

The Bugaboo Donkey 2018 (duo version)

What you will really love when switching a toddler seat with a bassinet or an infant car seat on the Donkey 2 is how easy you will be able to do it. You can literally do it in seconds as the seats and the bassinet usually just click into place.

Donkey 2’s toddler seats can be reversed. They can also be utilized from when the baby is old enough (six months) until they get to 3 to 3.5 years (38 pounds).

In addition to being compatible with its brand infant car seat, the 2018 Bugaboo Donkey also shows compatibility with other car seats such as the Chicco and the Maxi Cosi. However, you will need to buy an adapter to attach either of these non-brand infant car seats.

The Bugaboo Donkey 2 with 2 toddler seats

One of the standout things about the Donkey 2 stroller is the fact that it is well-balanced. In fact, it so balanced that even when carrying heavy kids, it can still be easily pushed with 1 hand.

Another thing that stands out is the fact that even in its double stroller mode, the Bugaboo Donkey 2 can easily get through most regular doorways. It is also surprisingly agile for a stroller that can be bulky and has two front wheels.

And even if bulky when compared with other strollers, the Bugaboo Donkey 2 has virtually no weight difference with the original version. The original Donkey stroller weighs 29.2 pounds while the new one weighs 29.3 pounds.

Even the fold size is virtually the same for both the old model and the new model. They both measure 20.5 by 23.6 by 36.6 inches when folded. This is not the smallest fold size but it makes it easier to store either of the strollers.

The Donkey 2 sizes and fold sizes


The Bugaboo Donkey (Original Version) Review

The Bugaboo Donkey original version was released in 2017. It has been one of Bugaboo’s bestselling strollers since then. In my opinion, it is also one of the most beautiful strollers ever made as I said earlier.

The Bugaboo Donkey 2017 and the upgraded versions are not very different. They work and move the same. However, there are several differences in the side storage basket, the colors, the suspension, and the wheels.

To commence this review, I believe it is proper to classify this stroller first. It is a perfect convertible stroller. It can be used as a mono stroller and can be converted into a double stroller. As a double stroller, it can be used with two bassinets or 2 toddler seats. Most of the times it is normally retailed as a mono stroller. So you have to buy any extra toddler seat or bassinets separately. However, other times it is sold as a complete convertible set.

Just like the upgraded Donkey 2 version, this original version is compatible with several newborn car seat models. So you can use it from birth with either a bassinet or a car seat.

The image below shows the Donkey stroller in its mono form and when converted into a twin stroller. In the converted form, it is shown in one picture with two bassinets and in the other with a bassinet and a toddler seat.

As it is evident in the above images, the Bugaboo Donkey 2017 is a pretty flexible stroller with multiple seating options. Nearly every new mom will find a seating arrangement that is perfect for everyone (her and her baby or babies).

The stroller also comes with a variety of features and add-ons. You can use them to make into something that is pretty convenient for you to use. However, you should not that the Bugaboo Donkey that comes as a whole set is pretty expensive compared to the ones that come with fewer features and accessories.

Nevertheless, as those who have seen it or used it will confess, it is worth every penny when it comes as a complete set. You can use it from day 1 when your baby is a few hours old until they get old enough to attend preschool.

It is a lot of fun to ride in the Bugaboo Donkey stroller

The Bugaboo Donkey stroller features a beautiful and stylish design. I am yet to meet a parent that doesn’t like its design or isn’t impressed by it.

More importantly, it is a lot of fun for the baby to stroll or ride in just like the Bugaboo Donkey 2.


As I have made you aware, the Bugaboo Donkey is a flexible and versatile convertible stroller. It can be utilized as a mono stroller, as a side by side double stroller, and has several twin seating options.

When using it as a mono stroller, you can position the side storage basket next to the toddler seat. This unique positioning of the storage basket allows easy access to the stored stuff. No need to reach all the way down as is the case with most other strollers.

The Bugaboo Donkey (Mono) with a side storage basket

The mono version of the Bugaboo Donkey comes with an additional basket underneath the main seat. The additional basket is bigger than the side storage basket. It allows you to carry everything you want to carry. You can fit in it a large diaper bag, clothes to change, a small blanket, and so on. You can also carry in it shopping.

As mentioned two paragraphs ago, the Bugaboo Donkey can also be utilized as a side by side double stroller. The frame simply needs to be adjusted a bit and it can accommodate 2 toddler seats, 2 infant car seats, or two bassinets. The Bugaboo Donkey can also accommodate a toddler seat and a bassinet or an infant car seat and a toddler seat.

The variety of seating arrangements offered by the Bugaboo Donkey.

You will especially love using the Bugaboo Donkey if you want to use it to carry a toddler and an infant. This is because it is one of the best strollers for carrying babies with a small age difference. To carry a toddler and an infant, simply attach a toddler seat and a bassinet or an infant car seat to the stroller and you will be good to go.

You will also love it if you want a stroller with reversible seats as you can set toddler seats either facing forward or backward on it.

In short, what am trying to say is that the Bugaboo Donkey is a very decent, versatile, and multifunctional convertible stroller. It is perfect for all new parents in my humble opinion.



The wheels of the Bugaboo Donkey are pretty large. The front ones are ten inches in diameter, while the rear ones are twelve inches in diameter. Strollers with large wheels like this one are generally easier to push and steer.

The best thing about the Bugaboo Donkey’s wheels is the fact that they are air-filled wheels. This makes the model even easier to push and maneuver. The air-filled wheels also act as shock absorbers and make riding on this stroller to be a comfortable and fun experience.

This stroller’s front wheels can swivel. This makes it nimble and agile. Moreover, they can be locked for stability when pushing the stroller over bumpy surfaces.

The big all-terrain tires of the Bugaboo Donkey.

The best thing about a stroller having wheels as big as the ones on this stroller is that it becomes very easy to push. Even a pregnant lady can easily push this stroller in the converted mode with 2 toddler seats attached and two toddlers sitting on them.

The Bugaboo Donkey wheels can handle unbeaten roads and trails.

As you can see in the picture above, the Bugaboo Donkey has all-terrain wheels that can handle unbeaten paths, gravel, grass, cobbled streets, and light snow.

Even though this stroller can pretty much handle any type of terrain, the wheels can deflate. Therefore, you need to carry the supplied pump with you to ensure the wheels have the right air pressure to function properly.

The fact that the tires are pneumatic also means they can be deflated. This is a major flaw that was corrected in the Bugaboo Donkey 2 by replacing the pneumatic wheels with foam-filled wheels that cannot be punctured.

The wheels on this stroller are supported by a decent suspension system. Although it is not the best, it works pretty well.


Brakes on strollers are pretty important for safety purposes. The brake on this stroller is a foot-operated parking brake. It immobilizes the stroller when engaged preventing it from rolling away from you on its own.

Unlike other parking brakes, this parking brake is pretty easy to engage and to release. You can operate it even when wearing high heels or flip flops.


The Bugaboo Donkey has one of the most brilliant handlebars/ push bars you will ever see on a stroller. The push bar is extendable. You can extend it to 11 different heights. What this means is that both tall can find the right height to use it without kicking into the back of the stroller, while short parents can also find the right handlebar height to push the baby buggy comfortably.

Thanks to the adjustable and telescopic extension of this handlebar, parents of different heights find it easy to find the best height for them to push it. Not many other strollers have handlebars that are extendable. And even for those few strollers that have extendable handlebars, not many of them can extend as far out as this one. So this unique handlebar is a really special feature that only a few strollers have or can match.


The Bugaboo Donkey Twin stroller is a frame. It does not come with its own canopies. However, there is no need to fret. Each toddler seat comes with its own canopy same as each bassinet. The canopies are decent. They provide enough coverage to shield babies from the sun and the wind.

However, although they are decent in size, the toddler seat and bassinet canopies have got one big flaw: they do not have mesh windows. The mesh windows usually serve two purposes: they enable free airflow and they allow parents to closely monitor their babies.

In contrast, the Bugaboo Donkey 2 comes with mesh windows to enable free air flow and close monitoring of passengers.


This stroller can be pushed with 2 newborn car seats, 2 toddler seats, or 2 bassinets. You can alternatively push it with just one infant car seat, one toddler seat, or one bassinet.

When pushing it with only one baby transport (the Bugaboo Donkey Mono) e.g. the toddler seat, the bassinet, or the infant car seat, you can fix the side storage basket next to it to carry stuff more conveniently using it. And then later on when you get another baby, you can replace the side luggage storage with a bassinet or an infant carrier and use the Bugaboo Donkey as a double stroller.

The Bugaboo Donkey with a toddler seat with a side luggage storage

When pushing the Bugaboo Donkey as a double stroller (the Bugaboo Donkey Mono), you can attach on it 2 toddler seats or two bassinets depending on their age. The Bugaboo Donkey toddler seats have got a maximum weight capacity of 38 pounds for each seat.

The Bugaboo Donkey (Twin) with two bassinets

The Bugaboo Donkey with two toddler seats

You can also push the Bugaboo Donkey as a double stroller with a toddler seat and a bassinet. The seats fix easily and you can easily put them in the direction you like (forward or backward).

The Bugaboo Donkey Duo with a toddler seat and a bassinet. This is perfect for babies of different ages.

As you can see above, the Bugaboo Donkey Twin has a variety of seating options. It really provides parents with a lot of flexibility. This is definitely a plus for me!

Each toddler seat on the Bugaboo Donkey has got a belly bar. I really love the belly bars as they give the kids something to hold on to during strolls. One more thing I love about the toddler seats is the fact that they can be reclined. They can be reclined to three different positions. The deepest recline for both seats, however, is not flat but is still sufficient for comfortable napping.

The different recline positions of the Bugaboo Donkey toddler seat.


The Bugaboo Donkey has got two different storage baskets. The main one is below the seats. It is a bit smaller than normal under the seat storage baskets in most double strollers. It can only fit something like a large size diaper bag. Thus, the space underneath the seats may not be enough to accommodate essentials for two babies.

However, if you only have one baby, you will find that this stroller has more than enough space for them. This is because, in addition to the storage bag under the seat, there is a side storage basket you can attach next to a single seat. The side storage basket is perfect for storing things you may need to reach quickly.

The weight capacity of the side storage basket in this original Donkey stroller is 11 pounds. In contrast, the upgraded version has a higher weight capacity of 22 pounds.

The under the seat storage basket.

The side storage basket.


Folding the Donkey is not extremely difficult. You simply need to detach the seats or bassinets and to fold the special frame in five simple steps. The best thing about the stroller’s folding space is the fact that it automatically locks itself when properly folded. Besides, it can self-stand when folded making transport or storage easy.

The fold size of the stroller is 20.5 inches by 23.6 to 29 inches by 36.6 inches. It is not the smallest fold size and cannot easily fit in the overhead compartments of many strollers. However, it is small enough to make the stroller easy to carry and to store.

The fold size.


As is the case with probably every other double stroller, this stroller is pretty bulky and heavy. The frame alone weighs 28 pounds. It is not the bulkiest frame but when you add the weight of the seats or the bassinets, it can be quite difficult to carry upstairs if you live in an apartment.

The frame.


This Bugaboo Donkey double stroller is compatible with many car seats. They include the Britax B-Safe, the Chicco KeyFit, the Mico NXT and AP model, and the Maxi Cosi.

It is easy to attach the compatible infant car seats to the stroller frame. They simply need to be properly positioned and clicked in. No need to buy adapters separately.

The Bugaboo Donkey Twin with two car seats attached.

Are you expecting twins or already a mother of twins and considering purchasing this stroller? It is my hope that the review above has armed you with all the facts you need to make the right decision.


If you buy the whole set for 2 babies, you are supposed to get: 2 rain covers, 1 pump, 1 bin, 1 basket, 2 bumper bars, 2 canopies, 2 leg covers, 2 canopy frames, 2 bassinet canopy frames, 2 toddlers seats, 2 bassinets, and the stroller frame and its wheels.

Image showing all the Bugaboo Donkey Twin accessories

Some of the accessories that you will have to buy separately include a parent organizer, cup holders, bug shields, umbrellas, and travel bags. Most strollers actually do not come with these extra accessories, so the fact that you have to purchase them separately should not make you feel some type of way.


The frame of the stroller is available in 2 color options: plain black or black and silver. Also available in 2 color options is the base. The color options are sand and black.

The bassinets and the canopies are available in eight color options, namely: pink, denim, grey, white, red, ice blue, petrol blue, and black. When ordering your Bugaboo Donkey 2017, you can customize your selection by choosing the frame color, the base color, and the color of the canopies and the bassinets.

Or if you do not have the time to mix and match, you could simply go for the Weekender edition. The Weekender edition is a special blue-themed Bugaboo Donkey stroller that is super stylish. See the image below for proof.

The stylish Weekender Edition

Important details for the Bugaboo Donkey 2017

Type of stroller Convertible and expandable stroller
Weight 33 pounds (stroller frame + 2 seats)
Weight limit 38 pounds per seat
Stroller size29.5 by 38.5 by 43.3 inches
Fold size20.5 by 29 by 36.6 inches
The height of the handlebar 43.3 inches


If you still find it hard to choose between the two strollers, here is a side-by-side comparison table to help you choose.

WHEELSPneumatic wheels.Foam-filled wheels.
SUSPENSION SYSTEMDecent all-wheel system.An advanced all-wheel system with maximum cushioning.
FRAMESolid frame.Solid and sturdy frame with enhanced stability.
SIDE STORAGE BASKET 11 pounds capacity. No cover.22 pounds capacity. Plus a special cover to shield the valuables inside.
COLORSA few color variations available.Many color options available.
FABRIC Quality canopy fabric.Premium quality canopy and bassinet fabric.

If you are not yet sure which is the best model between the Bugaboo Donkey 2017 and the Donkey 2018 models then read on. I have more information that I think will help you to come to the right decision.

First of all, I think it is important to point out that even though the Donkey 2 is definitely an upgrade and works better, it is not very different from the original version in terms of looks.

So if you are looking for the stroller that works better between the two then definitely go for the second model. However, if you are looking for a stroller that is quite similar to the Donkey 2 but is cheaper, go for the original model.

The Stylish Bugaboo Donkey 2017


Bugaboo is quite a popular brand. It has been making high-quality and stylish strollers for quite a number of years. Its strollers are especially popular among celebrities. Many singers, actors, and actresses have been spotted strolling their kids in Beverly Hills and other places in Bugaboo strollers. Some of the famous men and women who have been spotted strolling their sons or daughters in Bugaboo baby carriages include Sienna Miller, Adriana Lima, Chris Hemsworth, Hillary Duff, and Nelly Furtado.

The fact that these many celebrities own Bugaboo strollers shows just how popular and how high-end the strollers are.


There is no way I could conclude my review of the 2017 Bugaboo Donkey without comparing it with one of the most iconic convertible strollers, the 2017 UPPAbaby VISTA. Below is a comparison of the two popular strollers. I will first share with you the similarities between the two models and then the differences. It is my hope that this simple comparison will help you to know which one is more suited for your needs in case you want to choose one between the two.

Similarities between the 2017 Bugaboo Donkey and the UPPAbaby VISTA

  • Both models are versatile, multifunctional, convertible, and expandable.
  • Both models have multiple seating options. You can install toddler seats, bassinets, or car seats on the frame.
  • Both models have an all-wheel suspension system and their front wheels are lockable.
  • Both the UPPAbaby VISTA and the 2018 Bugaboo Donkey have got foam-filled wheels.
  • Both strollers have a foot-operated parking brake.
  • Both strollers have an extendable handlebar.
  • Both strollers can be folded, automatically lock themselves when folded, and can self-stand.


  • The UPPAbaby VISTA has got a bigger storage basket than the Bugaboo Donkey. Its storage basket is huge and is located underneath the toddler seat. The Bugaboo Donkey also has got an under the seat basket but it is not very big. In the single version, an additional side storage basket can be added to increase its storage space.
  • The Donkey stroller’s wheels are slightly bigger than those of the UPPAbaby VISTA.
  • The Donkey stroller’s parking brake does not have a color indicator in contrast to the VISTA brake.
  • The Donkey stroller’s canopy does not have a mesh window. In contrast, the UPPAbaby VISTA has got a mesh window with a noise-free magnetic closure. The mesh window allows parents to constantly keep a close eye on their babies. It also allows free airflow.
  • The Donkey stroller’s canopy does not have special UV protection in contrast to the VISTA canopy.
  • The Donkey stroller is heavier than the VISTA stroller. The VISTA stroller frame is 20 pounds heavy, while the Donkey one is 28 pounds.
  • The UPPAbaby VISTA comes with a bug shield while the Bugaboo Donkey Twin only features a rain cover.
  • The UPPAbaby VISTA is, in fact, a mono stroller that can accommodate a second seat, while the Donkey is a twin stroller that can be used as a mono, twin, or duo stroller.
  • The UPPAbaby VISTA can be used as a triple baby stroller, while the maximum number of kids the Donkey can carry is only 2.

Remember both strollers are big and bulky. They occupy plenty of space whether folded or open. So if you are going to buy either, you should confirm if you have space for it. Moreover, buying either of these two strollers is going to cost you a lot of money. However, if you have twins or are expecting another baby soon, you will love how convenient and flexible what you buy will be to you.


1. It can handle all types of terrain.

2. It offers a comfortable ride.

3. It has a variety of seating options.

4. It is stylish and multifunctional.

The Bugaboo Donkey


Moms and dads will love this stroller if they:

  • Have newborn twins and are searching for a model that will last them for many years until their children no longer need carrying.
  • Have 2 children who have only a tiny age difference: a toddler and a newborn.
  • Are planning to have another child soon after a first one.
  • Are living in a city and want an agile stroller to run errands, strolls in the park, do shopping, or go on day-trips with.
  • Want a stroller that is multifunctional and very stable.
  • Want a stroller that is compatible with both car seats and bassinets.
  • Want a stroller that they can use as a standard stroller, a travel system, or a pram for one or two babies.
  • Want a stroller that offers easy to access storage space.

As you can see, the Bugaboo Donkey is quite a formidable stroller. It is one of the best ones out there. And although it is expensive, I believe it is worth every penny. And in case you’ve got enough money, I suggest you go for the upgraded version, the Bugaboo Donkey 2, as it is a much better performer.

If you are looking for a comprehensive review of the best strollers have a look at our comprehensive review


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