Are you a fan of hiking and running, but your baby stroller is unsuitable for forest paths, grass as well as other rugged terrain? If that is the case, you are definitely in need of an off-road jogging stroller, and this BOB stroller is just perfect for that.

The BOB Sport Utility has been specially designed for off-road runners and curious adventurers as well! It works very well in wooded paths, dirt, snow mud, and even unbeaten roads.

It will, without a doubt, meet the expectations and requirements of any parent that enjoys jogging on tough terrains. This jogging stroller, however, is not really multi-functional. It does not work well as a daily-use stroller. And why is that so? Complete reading my review to find out more!

Currently the BOB Sport Utility Stroller is unavailable, so if you are looking for a sport stroller you can see the best jogging strollers in our review


BOB Sport Utility Stroller Review – Main Features

BOB Sport Utility is a sport stroller that is specifically intended for running together with other outdoor training and adventures. It has several incredible features that together make it the perfect stroller for harsh, rugged surfaces, but not the perfect stroller for carrying out your day-to-day errands such as shopping.

The BOB Sport Utility Stroller

The stroller’s huge wheels with broad tires, incredible amortization, and BOB’s famous suspension system that’s adjustable protect your baby from sudden shocks and leave them enjoying smooth, comfy rides on sandy beaches, rugged paths, grassy terrain, and rocky surfaces. In addition, the fixed wheel at the front offers great stability when riding on bumpy and tough terrain and allows for effortless pushing during jogging.

This stroller is specifically intended for running on rough paths as well as jogging on uneven terrain. BOB Sport Utility is, however, not quite good for running day-to-day errands such as shopping since it is very large and does not have a swivel wheel at the front. Those parents in search of a multipurpose baby stroller that can be used for both jogging and conducting daily errands should take a look at other BOB stroller models that feature swivel front wheels. The swivel front wheel makes the stroller much easier to navigate and steer, particularly in tight paths (for instance BOB Revolution SE or BOB Revolution PRO).

This particular BOB stroller model is, nonetheless, an incredible stroller for advanced runners and active parents. Specifically designed for running and jogging, this stroller serves this purpose quite well. Let us now take an even deeper look at the great features included in this stroller.

Suspension system

BOB Sport Utility is well equipped with an incredible suspension system that’s adjustable for the baby’s weight. In other words, it can be stiffened or loosened to make it more comfortable for a baby depending on how heavy they are.

This suspension system guarantees your child an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride.

A Suspension system that is adjustable for different weights


This stroller features 16-inch wheels- one positioned at the front and two at the back, with textured mountain pumped wheels that will allow you to ride over any rough surface and absorb all the shocks. Apart from being huge, the featured tires are filled with air2 and it is all thanks to this that this BOB stroller handles rugged terrain, bumps, and all other kinds of terrains quite impressively. The shock absorption and traction is incredible even on mud and wooded paths.

The three massive 16-inch wheels

With the front tire being fixed, you get to enjoy increased stability when hiking or jogging, and also when riding on rugged terrain. Also featured is a fender that protects your child as well as the stroller from dirt while jogging on unbeaten or muddy trails.

The front wheel, however, does not swivel and this makes this BOB stroller unsuitable for carrying out day-to-day errands like shopping.

Fixed front wheel

Parking brake

Similar to other BOB strollers, this particular model also features a foot-controlled brake, positioned between the two wheels at the back. You need to be cautious with flip-flops as they tend to make setting and releasing of the brake a bit challenging.

Foot-controlled parking brake


This BOB stroller features an extra brake that is operated by hand. This handbrake is quite helpful when jogging downhill as it allows easy control of the stroller’s speed.

Without this handbrake, controlling the stroller would be quite difficult particularly on bumpy or hilly terrain and when moving at high speeds.

Handy handbrake of the stroller


This BOB stroller features a nicely cushioned regular seat that is softly padded at the bottom and back. Also featured in this stroller is a padding that can be attached and detached for support to your child’s lower back. And with a weight limit of 75 pounds, this stroller is perfect even for big babies.

One-hand recline of the stroller

There is also a five-point harness, important for the safety of your child. This harness is well-padded and features a quick-release buckle right at the middle that is very easy to use.

Compatibility with infant car seats

Note that this BOB stroller can only be used for running or jogging when your child can support their head on their own and also sit up unaided (from around six to eight months). In case you are looking to utilize it on your little one (for strolls), you will have to get a baby car seat compatible with the stroller as well as a suitable adapter since the seat does not fully recline to a flat position.

You could also purchase a comfy headrest for your child until they develop full neck and head control. In addition, BOB Sport Utility also has nice support for the legs as well as feet.


The sunshade completely covers your baby, from the head down

All BOB stroller models have massive canopies. The canopy on this BOB stroller is adjustable and features a huge peeking window that allows you to peek on your little one during the run. This sunshade extends further down to offer your baby ample covering from the sun and wind. A few parents, however, complain that the canopy does not lock well when completely open.


This BOB jogging stroller features a handlebar covered with foam and can be adjusted to nine different positions. It extends from 35 inches to 48.5 inches from the surface below, which makes it appropriate for parents of all heights.

My husband, being one foot taller than I am, uses a different handlebar position than I. And thanks to the adjustable handlebar, steering and navigating the stroller is convenient for all of us. Previous models of the BOB stroller has non-adjustable handlebars. I am really happy that the manufacturer decided to upgrade this particular feature.

Adjustable handlebar of the stroller, with a wrist band

Wrist band

Connected to the stroller’s handlebar is a wrist strap that offers you additional protection. It prevents the stroller from running away from your hands. You should, however, be cautious with this feature when jogging or running, because when you trip and fall it might pull the jogging stroller down too.

Storage space

This BOB stroller has ample storage space for both you and your baby’s essentials. The massive basket positioned below the seat can carry a huge diaper bag. Additionally, the stroller has a backseat pocket for your personal belongings such as keys, wallet, wipes, or mobile phone. And your little one can store their favorite toy or sippy cup in the pockets located inside the seat.

The stroller features a huge storage basket, two mesh pockets in the seat interior, and a handy pocket at the back end of the seat

The BOB Sport Utility stroller does not include a tray or parent console. The two have to be purchased separately in case you want a convenient and safe place for keeping your water bottle.


Folding this BOB stroller involves two simple steps. The entire folding process is quite simple but it would be better if it were a single-handed operation.

Similar to other BOB joggers, this stroller does not have an automatic lock. Once you are done folding this stroller, you will have to reach down and reach for the clip that is connected to the wrist band to manually get the stroller locked. This makes it somewhat inappropriate for those parents experiencing back problems as well as those mothers that have recently gone through a cesarean.

This BOB stroller is still quite huge (39.5 inches by 26 inches by 24.5 inches) even after folding and it occupies a lot of storage space. You could, however, take off the back tires to make it a bit easier and more compact to store in your car trunk or home.


This is a 28.6-pound jogging stroller

This BOB stroller model is quite heavy and large; it has a weight of 28.6 pounds. Some parents, in fact, find it a bit challenging to lift the stroller to the trunk or up the stairway, but it is still doable. I would, however, not advice anyone to travel with this stroller. BOB Sport Utility is specifically designed for outdoor, heavy-duty uses and it does this very well!

Note that all jogging strollers are huge, bulky and very heavy, particularly those top- quality joggers. If you in search of a jogging stroller with a frame constructed from good materials, a huge sunshade as well as massive wheels for rugged terrain, be prepared to get a stroller that’s bulky, heavy and occupies a lot of storage space.

Pros and cons



  • Huge air-filled tires that are capable of handling the most challenging kinds of terrain, snow, and mud included
  • Handbrake that allows parents better control of the jogger when riding on bumpy or hilly paths
  • Assembling the stroller takes approximately 15 minutes
  • An incredible suspension system that offers great shock absorption
  • Seat with comfortable padding and deep recline
  • An adjustable handlebar that makes steering easy and convenient for all heights
  • Huge storage space for both parent and child essentials
  • Extendable, huge sunshade that protects your little one from the wind and sun



Type of stroller: Jogger

Weight of stroller: 28.6 pounds

Maximum weight: 75 pounds

Stroller dimensions: 50 inches by 26 inches by 48.5 inches

Fold dimensions: 39.5 inches by 26 inches by 24.5 inches

Height of handlebar: 35 inches to 48.5 inches

Canopy to seat: 23 inches

What other users say about the BOB Sport Utility Stroller

This BOB stroller does not have a lot of online reviews, but below are some of the primary features different users mention often.

The stroller is capable of handling snow very well and its traction is incredible even when ridding on mud. Its shock absorber offers a smooth ride on rough terrain. And thanks to the fender positioned at the front tire, your child is shielded from dirt when jogging over slush or mud. Compared to other joggers, this BOB stroller is quite easy and light to steer. The featured handbrake is quite helpful when riding downhill. Its other major benefit is its handlebar that is adjustable for all heights and there’s a lot of room behind the stroller and so tall individuals do not kick its ball when steering. The sunshade offers ample coverage and protection from the wind and sun.

There are a few parents who complain that the sunshade is flimsy- it does not fully lock when open and it blows back during windy days. In addition, it is challenging to steer the stroller in tiny spaces (such as store aisles) – but most parents mostly use the stroller for jogging and not running daily errands like shopping. Another drawback of this stroller is its short backrest, which is only enough for approximately three years. What’s more, the pocket positioned at the back of the seat isn’t quite convenient for holding a water bottle and so parents end up purchasing a separate handlebar console.


What you can you include to your stroller to make it even better? There are several great accessories on the market that work quite well with BOB joggers (such as the parent console or child tray). There are, however, some accessories that are only compatible with BOB joggers that have a fixed wheel at the front (such as weather shields).

Below is a list of various items that you might need to buy individually for your BOB stroller:

Handlebar Console with a Tire Pump – The console comes with two separate cup holders that are quite useful, given that it is not only challenging but also dangerous to get your water bottle from the pocket at the backseat when jogging. This adult console also allows you to keep your keys and phone within reach.
Snack Tray – This snack tray provides a suitable place for holding the child’s snacks, water bottle, or sippy cup. This is a necessary accessory particularly if you enjoy taking long distance strolls with your little one.
Weather Shield – It is important to always carry a rain cover in case it starts to rain. This is an essential accessory for those who live in areas that often rain.
Sun Shield– A nice accessory for covering and protecting the baby from the wind and sun rays. It even keeps away insects.
Adapter for Infant Car Seat – This BOB stroller is compatible with Britax and BOB infant car seats as well as some other brands. Those who intend to utilize this jogger as a travelling system should purchase an infant seat that is compatible with it as well as a good adapter.


This jogging stroller has limited 5-year warranty on its frame as well as a limited 1-year warranty on the other parts and used fabric. And to ensure that what you are getting is the original stroller and warranty, purchase this jogger from a vendor that is BOB approved.

Which BOB stroller version to go for?

Nearly all BOB joggers have a similar look and it could be challenging deciding what stroller model to go for. Note that BOB jogging strollers all have differing wheel sizes, others do not have handbrakes, not each model has a pivoting and lockable wheel at the front, and others do not have an adjustable handle.

Another difference that exists among BOB joggers is the price. There are BOB joggers that go for less than $400 (BOB Rambler) while others go for more than $500 (BOB Revolution Pro). The jogger’s price depends on its features, specifications, and accessories.

Apart from that, they all have similar features such as massive canopies, incredible adjustable wheel suspension systems, huge storage baskets, and reclining comfy seats.

For those in search of a baby stroller that’s suitable for both jogging and shopping at the mall then you should pick a BOB jogger that has a pivoting and lockable wheel at the front. If you want a stroller that is only suitable for running then pick a BOB jogger that has a fixed wheel at the front. And if you enjoy jogging or strolling on hilly paths, then a handbrake is an important feature for your BOB jogger. Very tall or short parents should go for a BOB jogging stroller that has an adjustable handle.

Review conclusion

This BOB stroller is a tough jogger. Even when used on tough terrain and it still offers your little one a smooth and safe ride! BOB Sport Utility is chunky, steady and well suited for uneven paths.

Bear in mind

Being a fixed-wheel jogging stroller, BOB Sport Utility can handle rough, uneven grounds but is not easy to steer in narrow and tight spaces. The fixed-wheel design is specifically intended for running and not for running daily errands or shopping. In fact, most users recommend this jogger for running instead of taking strolls around the park. If you are looking for a jogging stroller with a pivoting front wheel, you should take a look at other BOB jogging strollers.

Why buy the BOB Sport Utility jogging stroller

  1. It is a perfect option for those who stay in rural areas that have a lot of rugged roads, as well as those that stay where it snows a lot in winter.
  2. An incredible jogging stroller for those parents that enjoy jogging in the woods or are training for a marathon.
  3. If you would want your baby, to join you on your outdoor training sessions and are in search of a safe and stable jogger for off-road running, then this BOB stroller will certainly impress you.

This is hands down one of the top jogging strollers in 2019!

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BOB Blaze Jogging Stroller, Citron
  • Fit: Birth to 75 pounds; 0 to 8 weeks with the use of an infant car seat adapter & compatible infant car seat, maximum child height 44 inches; Stroller dimensions 49 inch L x 24 inch W x 43 inch H
  • Smooth, speedy stability: Large fixed front wheel, 16 inch semi slick air filled tires, and mountain bike style suspension system
  • Adjustable & Safe: 9 position adjustable handlebar with hand brake for added control when jogging downhill
  • Carry more Gear: Handlebar console has 2 water bottle holders and a zippered pocket, while the stroller has a large zip top cargo basket and 5 additional pockets
  • Travel system ready: Compatible with BOB or Britax infant car seats when using the BOB infant car seat adapter (sold separately), and with most other major brands


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