Perhaps you are in search of a light, portable, and compact stroller for your growing baby. If so, then you probably must have stumbled upon ZOE strollers at one point in your search. There are 3 particular ZOE stroller models that have seen a growth in popularity over the past few years. They are the ZOE XLT DELUXE, ZOE XLC BEST and the ZOE XL1 BEST.

And even though these three strollers have an almost similar appearance, they are very different from one another. They differ from each other in several ways.

XLT DELUXE Type of stroller: Lightweight Baby Stroller

Stroller’s Weight: 16 pounds

Capacity (max weight limit): 50 pounds


A well-equipped baby stroller that serves well as an everyday stroller, perfect for running your errands, and great for enjoying long walks in the park. No longer in production

XL1 BEST (v2)Type of stroller: Lightweight Baby Stroller

Stroller’s Weight: 11 pounds

Capacity (max weight limit): 50 pounds


A stroller design that is suitable for travel, trips to the mall, enjoying short walks on even surfaces, and can accommodate big toddlers. Read more about it here

XLC BEST (v2)Type of stroller: Lightweight Baby Stroller

Stroller’s Weight: 16 pounds

Capacity (max weight capacity): 50 pounds


One the best second strollers for your growing child. It has a compact fold that makes it perfect for car, train, and even airplane travels. Read more about it here

A common things among all these ZOE strollers is that they are extremely light and hence quite simple to move around with, and they also do not occupy a lot of storage space. XLT DELUXE has a weight of 16 pounds, which makes it very easy to carry and lift to your car’s trunk. XLC BEST and XL1 BEST v2 have an even lower weight; 11 pounds and are great examples of umbrella strollers.

Apart from being extremely lightweight, these strollers also have other amazing features for you to enjoy. And it is because of these features that parents do not hesitate getting ZOE strollers for their kids.

Features of ZOE Strollers

Below are some of the key features found on these three ZOE strollers; ZOE XLT DELUXE, ZOE XL1 BEST (v2), and ZOE XLC BEST (v2). Also included in this section are the main differences and similarities between these strollers.


The seats featured in these three strollers are all different. XLC BEST is the most compact and smallest stroller among the three and its seat is also the smallest. The seat is 9.5 inches deep, 11.75 inches wide and 16.5 inches tall (though there is approximately 10 extra inches for the head room).

XLX BEST (v2) is appropriate for use from the age of three months and has a maximum weight limit of 50 lbs., which is quite impressive for such a small and light baby stroller.

The seat featured in XL1 BEST (v2) is 9.25 inches deep, 12.5 inches wide and 18 inches tall. There is approximately 26 inches from the canopy to the seat’s bottom. The seat is appropriate from the age of three months and has a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds.

ZOE XLC (left) and ZOE XL1 (right) have different reclining angles; 150 and 165 degrees respectively. They also have different canopies

XLT DELUXE has the biggest seat among the three. Its seat is 10 inches deep, 15.25 inches wide and 18.25 inches tall, and there is about 27 inches from the canopy to the seat’s bottom. This particular seat is, however, appropriate for use from six months and has a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds.

Another noticeable difference among these three seats is how far they recline. XL1 BEST (v2) can has a reclining angle of 165 degrees while XLC BEST (v2) has a smaller reclining angle of 150 degrees.

ZOE XLT has the largest reclining angle; 175 degrees. It is important to note that the backrest does not recline completely to a flat position hence not appropriate for newborns. Nonetheless, it is still quite deep and comfortable for enjoying naps.

The near-flat position of XLT DELUXE

In order to recline the backrest on these strollers, simply make use of the strap featuring buckle. I think that lowering and raising is can be done with only one hand, but is more convenient and simpler to achieve with both hands.

Each stroller also featured a nicely vented top that can be used when the seat has been reclined. During the hot days, just roll up the back shade and make use of the loop and hook to secure the shade.

In addition, XLT DELUXE comes with a complete foot and leg rest. You can adjust the leg rest- it can be lifted all the way up to serve as a seat extension, which is quite helpful as it offers a larger and more comfy space for babies that enjoy napping while on-the-go. The near-flat position and leg rest extension can also be used for diaper changes.

XL1 BEST (v2) even has a tiny calf rest that is used in supporting the back of your baby’s knees, and a separate individual footrest, which is non-adjustable. And in spite of being the tiniest stroller in this list, XLC BEST features an adjustable calf rest that can be lifted to offer more room and comfort for your toddler. This is something not often seen among lightweight strollers.

Calf and foot rest of the latest versions of XLC BEST and XL1 BEST

Aside from the incredibly deep recline, something else that I really love about the XLT DELUXE is the extra removable padding, which offers extra support and comfort to the child’s head and neck.

Neither XLC BEST (V2) nor XL1 BEST (v2) features this extra pillow. You will have to purchase this pillow separately, which means spending more. However, both of the above baby strollers have deeply padded seats, and even without the extra pillow, your baby will still feel comfortable in these seats.

Extra seat padding of the XLT DELUXE



Each of the three ZOE strollers has a huge extendable canopy. The canopies feature three panels together with a flip-out sun visor. In my opinion, they are actually the best sunshades that you will ever find on light strollers.

Huge canopy of the XLT DELUXE

The canopy featured in the XLT DELUXE is quite roomy, though the one featured in the XL1 BEST (v2) goes down more. Nonetheless, both sunshades are quite awesome and offer nice protection from the sun’s rays. They do a great job blocking out the sun and covering the child’s torso.

Canopy of the XL1 BEST (v2)

The latest version of XLC BEST has the tiniest canopy amidst these ZOE strollers, but is still quite impressive and offers great protection. With the backrest in the most vertical posture, the sunshade covers the child’s torso, but when it is reclined the shade provided is lesser, but the visor still blocks out the sun from reaching the child’s eyes.

Canopy of the XLC BEST (v2)

All the canopies in these ZOE strollers feature mesh peeking windows that provide extra flow of air. These windows close with extra-silent magnets that allow you to check on your little one at whichever time you wish without interfering with their nap.

The mesh peeking window in XLT DELUXE

Regardless of the ZOE stroller you choose, I am certain that you will be satisfied with featured sunshade and that you will enjoy those summer strolls without having to worry about your child getting sunburns.

But if I had to choose the best canopy among the three, I would go for the XL1 BEST (v2).


These three have handlebars that appear similar, but have varying heights. XLC BEST (v2) and XL1 BEST both feature handlebars that are 40.25 inches from the floor, whereas XLT DELUXE features a handlebar that is 39 inches from the floor.

In additional, each of these ZOE strollers has a recessed back axle to offer the tall users more room when behind the stroller. And it is all because of this great feature that individuals who are more than six feet tall do not kick the back wheels or axle when walking.

XL1 BEST (left) handlebar and XLT DELUXE (right) handlebar

Note that all of these handlebars cannot be adjusted and thus not suitable for short parents; you might end up with sore wrists after taking long strolls with your baby.

Also, according to various that I have read online, ZOE strollers are quite easy to maneuver with just one hand all thanks to the single handlebar that replaces the two very short handles found in most strollers.



All these ZOE strollers come with tiny polymer wheels that are mainly recommended for flat grounds. XL1 BEST (v2) has 5.38 inch front wheels and 6.25 inch back wheels. XLT DELUXE and XLC BEST (v2), on the other hand, have somewhat bigger wheels; 6.5 inches for the front wheels and 7.75 inches for the rear wheels.

Wheel comparison for XL1 BEST (v2) and XLT DELUXE

The front wheels are actually pivoting and this makes these strollers easy to steer. However, you could still lock them if you wish in order to increase stability, especially when moving on harsh grounds.

Various parents that have used these ZOE strollers claim that they are more suited for pavements as well as smooth terrains, but can also handle averagely rugged sidewalks. The tiny wheels and the short wheelbase, however, are not suitable for rocky grounds, cobblestone, or dirt roads.

Each of these strollers has suspension on the front wheel that somehow acts as a shock absorber. The cushioning is not as efficient as that in joggers. These strollers waggle on uneven grounds and if you stumble a huge bump you child is definitely going to feel it, just as is the case with most lightweight baby strollers.

In-built front wheel suspension of the XLT DELUXE

In my opinion, these ZOE strollers are best suited for enjoying walks on asphalt, pavements, or sidewalks.


I think that ZOE XLC has the best braking system among these three strollers. A single-touch pedal is featured right at the center of the back axle. It is very easy to access and operates smoothly when pressed and lifted.

Brake on the XLC BEST (v2)

XL1 BEST features double action brakes; you need to lift or press both pedals in order to use the brakes. And based on various customer reviews, most parents find this kind of brake less user-friendly and less convenient. In addition, releasing the pedals is quite challenging especially for those in open-toe shoes.

The double action brakes in XL1 BEST (v2)

I prefer the brake featured on XLT DELUXE that includes a one-touch bar. It is quite simple to engage and disengage the brake, something that can be easily done even with flip-flops on.

Single-touch and easy to use brake on XLT DELUXE

Storage Basket

XLC BEST (v2) and XL1 BEST (v2) both come with mesh storage baskets. And even though the storage space is not that big, it can still hold a tiny diaper bag or blanket.

The lower part of the storage basket is created using mesh fabric and this means that it is quite stiff. With that said, I would not recommend putting something heavy in there.

Both XL1 BEST and XLC BEST have rather small baskets with mesh bottoms

The storage basket in XL1 BEST can only be accessed from the back, while XLC BEST allows access from both the front and the front.

XLT DELUXE features an improved storage basket with a steadier bottom created using a similar fabric to the one used in making the stroller. The basket is also more stiff and durable. The sides and the back of the basket are mesh-made and are elastic, thus allowing you easy and fast access to your items even with the backrest completely reclined. You can access your necessities from the sides.

In addition, this storage is more spacious.

XLT DELUXE features a more spacious basket with a steadier bottom

Weight and Size

This is actually the most obvious difference between these three ZOE strollers. The XLC BEST and XL1 BEST models are lighter and smaller compared to XLT DELUXE.

XLC BEST (v2) is the most compact and smallest model. XL1 BEST is a little bit bigger, whereas XLT deluxe is the largest among the three

The smallest stroller among these three ZOE stroller models is XLC BEST. It is 17 inches wide, 28.5 inches long and 40.25 inches tall. It is clear from these measurements that XLC BEST is quite compact.

Next is XL1 BEST (v2) that is 20.5 inches wide, 31 inches long and 40.25 inches tall. Lastly, XLT DELUXE is the largest and it measures 24.5 inches wide, 36.5 inches long and 42.5 inches tall.

XLC BEST and XL1 BEST both weigh 11 pounds, which 5 pounds less when compared to XLT DELUXE. Nonetheless, all these strollers are lightweight and can easily be carried up or down the stairs, or lifted into a car’s trunk without a lot of effort.

Even better, you could purchase an extra travel backpack and storage bag for easy storage and transportation. This is a very helpful addition particularly for those parents who often travel with toddlers who have just started walking, but at times enjoy riding in their stroller. When not in use, the stroller can be carried in the backpack without any issues!

The XLT DELUXE can be carried in a backpack

The differences in the weights and sizes of these three strollers causes the differences in the other features. For instance, XLT DELUXE has a deeper and an almost-flat reclining angle because of the stronger frame and different COG (center of gravity).



When folding XLT DELUXE and XL1 BEST strollers, just pull back the strap that is positioned right at the center of the seat. I, however, wish that these two strollers actually folded inwards.

XLC BEST, however, has its own folding mechanism that is different from the one in XLT DELUXE and XL1 BEST. It is known as the double trigger fold. It involves pulling back two triggers positioned on either sides of the stroller’s handlebar and then pressing down the stroller. The stroller then melts down to a tiny package.

Both folding mechanism are, nonetheless, great space savers- they are perfect for those parents that live in tiny apartments or have small vehicles. After folding, the folds occupy limited space and most probably fit in all types of car trunks.

In as much as these ZOE strollers all have small and compact folds, the fold sizes actually differ. XLC BEST has the smallest fold. It measures 22 inches by 17.5 inches by 6 inches. In fact, according to the manufacturer, this fold can even fit in airplane overhead bins.

XLI BEST’s fold is a little bit larger, but still quite compact. It measures 26 inches by 20.25 inches by 6.5 inches. XLT DELUXE’s fold is the largest amongst the three. It measures 28.5 inches by 24.5 inches by 9.5 inches, but is certainly more compact than most other regular strollers.

Which is the best stroller among these ZOE Strollers? XL1 BEST v2, XLC BEST v2 or XLT DELUXE?

Each one of these strollers is incredible and a great space-saver. There are, however, some differences among them- certain features make XL1 BEST the best option for you to purchase, other functions might encourage you to Get XLT DELUXE, whereas other features might make another parent chose XLC BEST.

Below is a quick comparison I made regarding these three ZOE strollers. Hopefully this comparison will assist you in picking the best option not only for you but for your child as well.

XLC BEST, XL1 BEST, and XLT DELUXE strollers respectively

Weight of the Stroller11 pounds11 pounds16 pounds
Size of the stroller 40.25inches long, 17inches wide and 28.5 inches tall40.25inches long, 20.5 inches wide and 31inches tall42.5 inches long, 24.5 inches wide and 36.5 inches tall
Size of the fold22 inches long, 17.5 inches wide and 6 inches tall26 inches long, 20.25 inches wide and 6.5 inches tall28.5 inches long, 24.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches tall
SeatThe smallest and most compact seat with a reclining angle of 150 degrees. The seat has a calf rest that is adjustableSmall seat with a reclining angle of 165 degrees. The seat has a calf rest that is non-adjustableMore spacious seat with a deeper reclining angle of 175 degrees (almost completely flat). The seat has a calf rest that is adjustable
CanopyShortest and smallest canopy that nonetheless, provides ample protection to the child’s head even with the seat reclinedHuge canopy that extends far down; it goes past the baby’s traySpacious and long sunshade that reaches the baby’s tray
WheelsFront and rear wheels measure 5.37 inches and 6.25 inches, respectivelyFront and rear wheels measure 5.37 inches and 6.25 inches, respectivelyFront and rear wheels measure 6.5 inches and 7.75 inches, respectively
BrakeSingle-touch brakeDual-action brake; it requires the engagement of both pedalsUser-friendly single-touch brake
Storage BasketTiny storage basket with the bottom made of mesh fabricTiny storage basket with the bottom made of mesh fabricLarger storage basket with a stiffer bottom
What is includedHarness pad/coversHarness pad/covers, parent cup holder, child cup holder, child snack cup, belly bar,Harness pad/covers, parent cup holder, child cup holder, child snack cup, belly bar that includes a child cup holder, extra seat pillow/pad

From the table above, you can see that each of the three ZOE strollers has its own pros and cons, and that for a particular parent XLC BEST (v2) might be a great choice whereas for another parent would prefer XL1 BEST (v2).

Keep in mind that XLT DELUXE is discontinued and it is not available on the market any more. It was a remarkable full-sized baby stroller with the weight of a light stroller.

XLC BEST (v2) or XL1 BEST (v2); which one is the best?

These strollers are both a nice option for anyone who is in search of a lightweight compact baby stroller that is easy to carry around. The question to ask yourself is:

What features do I need in my stroller: deeper reclining angle, bigger canopy, included accessories, an adjustable footrest, more compact fold, or a single-touch brake?

here is my advice:

If you stay in a hot region and/or like taking summer walks with your little one then go for XLT BEST v2 simply because its canopy is huge thus offering your baby sufficient protection from the sun.

If you are in search of a very small baby stroller that has a really compact fold, and you move around a lot be train or car then go for XLC BEST v2; it is the more convenient option in this particular case.

In my opinion, XLC BEST functions better as a travel stroller, whereas XL1 BEST is more appropriate as an everyday baby stroller.

What do others say about ZOE strollers?

Each of these lightweight ZOE strollers have tons of positive user reviews on different sites, including Amazon. You can visit Amazon to confirm this.

After going through various reviews given about XLT DELUXE, XLC BEST (v2) and XL1 BEST (v2), I compiled a list of the advantages and disadvantages mentioned by different parents. Below is what I gathered from the reviews.

A lot of parents like the huge canopy and deep reclining angle found on each of these three ZOE strollers. Other features that parents like include the easy folding process and the strollers being easy to push and steer.

In addition, all the three strollers are light and very easy to carry around, Parents also love the additional accessories (found in XLT DELUXE and XL1 BEST), as well as the adjustable footrest (found in XLT DELUXE and XLC BEST). In fact, according to several parents, these ZOE strollers are super high-quality for their cheap price.

Most users find XL1 BEST (v2) and XLC BEST (v2) to be the most suitable option for those parents that travel every now and then.

There are also a few cons mentioned by some parents regarding these strollers. Customers complain that the featured wheels are really small, which in turn make these ZOE strollers challenging to push and steer on bumpy terrain.

My rating

Type of strollerLightweight baby strollerLightweight baby strollerLightweight baby stroller
Weight of stroller11 pounds11 pounds16 pounds
Maximum weight limit50 pounds50 pounds50 pounds
Stroller dimensions40.25 inches by 17 inches by 28.5 inches (height by width by depth)40.25 inches by 20.5 inches by 31inches (height by width by depth)42.5 inches by 24.5 inches by 36.5 inches (height by width by depth)
Fold dimensions22 inches by 17.5 inches by 6 inches (height by width by depth)26 inches by 20.5 inches by 6.5 inches (height by width by depth)28.5 inches by 24.5 inches by 9.5 inches (height by width by depth)
Height of handlebar40.25 inches40.25 inches39 inches
Size of wheels5.37 inches front wheels and 6.25 inches back wheels5.37 inches front wheels and 6.25 inches back wheels6.5 inches front wheels and 7.75 inches back wheels

Available colors

As of the time of writing this particular review, XLC BEST (v2) has eight different color variations for you to pick from. They include Indiana Camo, Lime Green, Noah Grey, Aqua, Red, London Navy, Eloise Plum, and Black. With this variety of colors to choose from, you will certainly find something that matches your taste.

XLC BEST (v2) color options

XL1 BEST is also available in the same colors (as XLC BEST) apart from Indiana Camo. Below are the seven color options for XL1

XL1 BEST (v2) color options

When making your purchase of one of these incredible strollers, begin by checking for the available color options and make a comparison of the process.

I have not provided a list of the available color options for XLT DELUXE because this stroller model has been discontinued; it is not available on the market anymore.


XL1 BEST (v2) features some useful accessories that include a parent cup holder, child snack cup, child cup holder, harness covers/pads and a belly bar. The harness pads can be bought separately and are available in various colors. The same applies for the DELUXE canopy and seat pillow/pad.

XL1 BEST (v2) comes with a few useful accessories. These include a parent cup holder, child snack cup and cup holder among others.

Optional accessories that are separately sold include a tandem seat (it allows you to convert your ZOE stroller to a double stroller), storage back and travel back pack, parent console, belly bar cover, and a ventilated rain and snow weather cover.

Just like the other two, XLC BEST (v2) also comes with its own accessories such as harness covers/pads. Other accessories that are separately sold include a child console, parent console, comfort pillow, carry straps, and travel backpack.

Important points to remember

XLC BEST (v2) and XL1 BEST (v2) are small lightweight baby strollers that are not intended for rough surfaces.

When choosing between the two, make a decision based on what you need more: deeper reclining angle and bigger canopy or compact and smaller fold.

Another important thing to note is that none of these two ZOE strollers (XLC BEST and XL1 BEST) is suitable for newborns because of two reasons. First, the backrest recline is not completely flat and none of them is compatible with any infant car seat.

Remember, XLT DELUXE is no longer in production.

Three reasons to love ZOE XLC BEST (v2) and ZOE XL1 BEST (v2)

Below are three reasons why most parents love these two ZOE strollers:

  1. Both strollers are very well-equipped and are available at pocket-friendly prices.
  2. Both strollers have a small, compact fold that makes them quite simple to transport in small vehicles, and easy to store away for those living in small apartments.
  3. Both strollers have deep reclines that offer a cozy and comfy environment for your child to nap.


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