Your almost 30 pound baby is in the “carry me” stage and your hands will probably start hurting after some time. After all, there are several house chores that you ought to get done and you need your arms, right?

Or perhaps you are a regular goer of the woods or zoo where your baby stroller cannot be used, and you are looking for a solution for your 4-year old who tires quickly on long distances.

Whichever reasons you have for looking for a toddler carrier, this guide will help you in finding the best and most appropriate carrier model that suits both you and your toddler.


You probably know just how much those little ones enjoy getting cradled in their parent’s arms. Cuddling against mommy or daddy makes the baby feel safe, protected and comfy, and also helps in building an unbreakable bond between parent and baby. Nonetheless, unless your arms are made of steel, you will find it difficult to carry your baby around all through- not mentioning that you still need to get work done.

Whether you are ever on-the-go, or are just getting chores done at home, getting a practical and safe baby carrier could be a huge parent hack. Ranging from taking naps when shopping at the mall to making visits to museums, baby carriers could be a huge game change particularly for comfort, convenience, and mobility.

Carriers are useful for both infants and the older babies as well. The best baby carrier provides you with the so much needed hands-free ability required to get through your day whilst ensuring your heavier and bigger baby is comfortably and safely snuggled against your chest or back. The baby carrier should achieve this without putting strain on your back or the baby’s weight tiring you.

The Ergobaby 360

Ergobaby 360 All-Position Baby Carrier with Lumbar Support (12-45 Pounds), Pure Black
  • EXPLORE WITH BABY: For curious, developing baby who starts exploring beyond her caregiver to see the world (12-45 lbs./ 5.5-20 kg)
  • ALL CARRY POSITIONS: Inward, Front Outward, Hip & Back Carry
  • 100% PREMIUM COTTON: Soft and cozy for the ultimate in comfort
  • COMFORT: Padded lumbar back support and shoulder straps.
  • PREMIUM FEATURES: UPF baby hood for sun protection and privacy for easy breastfeeding. Machine Washable. Eligible for the Everlove by Ergobaby Carrier Buyback Program
  • Appropriate for 12 – 45 pounds (comes with an infant insert suitable from 7 pounds)
  • Four baby carrying positions, such as the baby facing out that toddlers find quite entertaining
  • Several colors to pick from and two fabrics available; breathable mesh and cotton


Baby Tula Baby Carrier

Baby Tula Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier 7 – 45 lb, Adjustable Newborn to Toddler Carrier, Ergonomic Inward Front and Back Carry, Easy-to-Use, Lightweight – Stormy, Gray
  • INNOVATIVE BODY PANEL: adjusts in three width settings and two height settings to allow for an ergonomic snug position from newborn, infant and early toddlerhood. No infant insert needed!
  • MULTIPLE ERGONOMIC POSITIONS: back carry and front carry options to provide a natural, ergonomic position best for long term, comfortable carrying that promotes healthy hip and spine development for baby
  • DUAL-ADJUSTMENT PADDED STRAPS: provide optimal neck & shoulder comfort and offers quick and easy adjustments for multiple wearers
  • WIDE PADDED WAISTBAND: provides superior comfort to help evenly distribute weight, also includes large front pocket
  • EASY-TO-ADJUST DESIGN: allows for long-time carrier use from infancy to toddlerhood, can be used from 7 - 45 pounds and does not need an infant insert
  • Appropriate for 25 – 60 pounds
  • Numerous patterns, colors, and designs to pick from
  • There is also a mesh version


Infantino Cuddle Up Toddler Carrier

Infantino Cuddle Up Carrier - Ergonomic Bear-Themed, face-in Front Carry and Back Carry, with Removable Character Hood, for Infants and Toddlers, 12-40 lbs
  • Design: Carrier with character canopy and wide ergonomic seat for knee-to-knee support with adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt to shift weight to the wearers hips for a more comfortable fit
  • Wearing positions: Suitable for babies 12-40 pounds, two positions facing in front and back carry design
  • Benefits and use: Experience hands-free convenience with opportunities for bonding and developmental benefits, whether it’s running errands or exploring parks, there’s no place like close
  • Adjustability: Adjustable with 2 ways to carry, front and backpack with padded shoulder straps and supportive waist belt, designed to fit a wide range of body types and lifestyles
  • Special features: Detachable bear canopy hood provides coverage for baby without restricting visibility, using arched design, while cozy muffler pocket gives parent a natural place to tuck their hands
  • Appropriate for 12 – 40 pounds
  • Two different baby carrying positions; back and front carry positions
  • Hood and cute ears are included
  • Cheapest toddler carrier in this particular ranking


Lillebaby Carryon Airflow Toddler Carrier

LÍLLÉbaby CarryOn All Seasons 3-in-1 Ergonomic Toddler and Child Carrier, Stone, 20 to 60 pounds
  • Toddler Carrier: The LÍLLÉbaby CarryOn is made specifically to be roomy for growing toddlers. Features a wider and taller torso than most carriers, providing you an ergonomic way to carry your child
  • Stroller-Free: Caretakers can comfortably carry little ones up to 60 lbs. for easy, hands-free access to spaces where strollers aren’t permitted. Ideal for babies who have outgrown the LÍLLÉbaby Complete carrier
  • Hands-Free Comfort: When on-the-go, LÍLLÉbaby's baby carriers and toddler carriers let you hold your child in comfort and style. Adjustable side panels widen and narrow the seat for comfortable hip positioning
  • Natural Bond: LÍLLÉbaby makes baby products that bring functional style to parents. We want parents to be able to keep baby close while building a natural bond with comfortable baby carriers and slings
  • For LÍLLÉbaby innovation is always top of mind. We won’t rest until every caretaker has access to the best babywearing solutions, allowing families to keep comfort, closeness, and independence in balance
  • Appropriate for 20 – 60 pounds
  • Three different baby seating positions
  • Has crossable shoulder bands and huge lumbar support that provide even distribution of weight


Best Baby Carriers for Toddlers in 2019

Over the last couple of years, more and more people have been carrying their babies in carriers. This is because the new designs are more stylish and comfortable than previous ones.

They are also seen as cool to use in public especially by young moms and dads.

Dozens and possibly hundreds of carriers are available online. They are not all born the same and, therefore, some are better than others. This makes it very difficult to pick the best one.

The good news is that I have done the research and I have ranked the crème de la crème of baby carriers that you should choose from.

So if you have been wanting a superior quality carrier, I can promise you that you will find it below.

The Ergobaby 360

The Ergobaby 360

With a recommended baby weight of 12 to 45 pounds, the Ergobaby 360 allows you together with your baby to go wherever you want.

Whether you are simply running errands, are on the road travelling, or need to complete your day-to-day duties such as cooking or doing laundry, Ergobaby 360 allows you to achieve whatever you want with your baby comfortably snuggled against your baby.

This baby carrier is one of the most versatile out there, with four baby carrying positions; front carry with baby facing out, front carry with baby facing parent, back carry and hip carry. The carrier’s ergonomic design provides utmost comfort for not only the baby but parent as well, thanks to the cushioned straps, breathable mesh option, and lumbar support.

Front carry baby facing forward position

Why is the Ergobaby 360 Carrier among the top toddler carriers?

This carrier’s front-facing baby position is one the primary advantages that it has over most other carriers on my list.

Even though babies might prefer cuddling inwards against their parent’s chest, you will notice them starting to wriggle around with time as they get more and more alert. Once they have improved support of their necks and are approaching the toddler stage, they will want to peek around and see what everyone else is up to.

It is at this phase that getting a carrier with the forward-facing position will allow you and your baby to experience the world together. From those long walks to the woods to trips to the grocery store, you and your little one could see everything and do anything together.

When in the forward-facing position, the baby gets a better view of their surroundings, indulge their curiosity, and keep themselves entertained and occupied, which is good for their cognitive stimulation.

Ergobaby back position

Extra features

  • Two different fabric choices: Ergobaby 360 is available in two different fabric choices: mesh and cotton. This allows you to choose what you find to be the most comfortable to wear. Even though the cotton fabric may be more stylish and fashionable, the breathable mesh look is going to keep both you and your baby cooler during those hot days.
  • Huge selection of designs and colors: This carrier is available in a huge selection of patterns and designs, like khaki green and icy mint, which makes it easy to match your personal style.

What do parents think and feel about this baby carrier?

Several parents refer to this toddler carrier as the best baby carrier for one and two year old kids. It is very comfortable to put on that you do not get to feel any shoulder strain or back pain even with the heavier kids. Other reviews even describe this carrier as “godsend”; particularly praising the carrier’s forward-facing position for kids.

The versatile positions together with the carrier’s ergonomic design makes it easy for parents to use this toddler carrier throughout the day regardless of what they are doing. In addition, switching from the facing inward position to forward facing outward position is simple and fast.

Ergobaby 360; the most versatile toddler carrier


I recommend going for the mesh material option, as this breathable material is more suitable, particularly if you intend to partake in outdoor adventures or stay in a hot region. Other parents also prefer the mesh fabric option over the cotton option. In fact, mothers that stay in cold areas seem to recommend it a lot.

Another benefit of this carrier is that Ergobaby 360 is totally appropriate for both toddlers and newborns (provided that the infant insert is purchased). This is nice for mothers that plan on having another child in the near future as this carrier can be reused. After all, it could the only baby carrier you will ever need!

However, just like any other product, Ergobaby 360 is not perfect! One of its downsides is that it does not have any storage compartments, which most parents find to be very convenient especially when travelling.

Below is a summary of the pros and cons of this great baby carrier.



  • Four baby carrying positions
  • The International Hip Dysplasia Institute recognizes it as being hip-healthy
  • Mesh fabric option available
  • Comfortable to wear as it features padded shoulder bands and a lumbar support waist strap
  • Numerous design and color options available
  • ‘Adjustable seat



  • Lack of storage pockets
  • Some parents find the shoulder bands bulky


The Baby Tula Carrier

Baby Tula baby carrier

The Baby Tula Carrier has a fashionable twist that mamma and baby will both totally love! Available in numerous colors and patterns, this carrier is unique and is going to instantly make you feel fashionable.

Baby Tula has the tallest as well as widest panel among all Tula brand baby carriers, making it ideal for the bigger babies who still enjoy snuggling. Its weight recommendation of 25 to 60 pounds makes it perfect for 18 months old and older babies.

Some of its main features include its adjustable and padded shoulder bands, its ergonomic M-position baby seat, extra leg padding, removable hood that offers protection from the sun, and 100 percent cotton fabric.

Baby Tula offers numerous fun and stylish fashions


Why is Baby Tula One of the Best Carriers for Toddlers?

Baby Tula is intended for the bigger and older kids given is high weight recommendation of up to sixty pounds. Its makers know just how exhausting it is for parents to carry their toddlers in their arms.

Baby Tula is so comfortable that you will not even get to feel the strain of your little one’s weight when wearing the carrier for extended durations of time. This carrier has great weight distribution and you can barely tell that you are carrying more than 20 pounds with you. In fact, according to user reviews, even carrying a two-year old toddler with this carrier feels weightless!

Apart from the ergonomic design together with the great weight distribution, I just love how unique and fun this carrier is. From gingham to cow print, floral to stripes, both baby and mommy can accessories their outfits with some cool style.

A few fashionable and unique patterns of the Baby Tula carrier

Being a mother, I understand that parenthood does not always appear glamorous, and that is exactly why I salute Tula’s trendy and fun touch to their baby products. With endless cool patterns to pick from, rest assured of finding a carrier that is not only stylish but functional as well.

You will not only get to display your new stylish baby carrier to your momma group, but your kiddo will also appreciate the cool and design as well!

Extra features

  • Padded and adjustable shoulder bands and broad waist strap: This baby carrier model features additional padding in order to offer utmost comfort to the parent as well as equal distribution of weight. The waist strap is extra padded with thick cotton covering that reduces pressure originating from the weight of the toddler onto the mum’s hips, and also promotes a good posture. Thanks to this carrier, parents having sensitive hips and backs can easily move around with their little ones.


What do Parents Think and Feel about the Baby Tula Toddler Carrier?

It is obvious from customer reviews that parents love this carrier. Parents give praise to the personalized feel and touch offered by this carrier.

Additionally, the carrier’s solid and strong design ensures that your heavier toddler is always safe, which makes it ideal for traveling with your little one. This baby carrier is, in fact, ranked as one of the best toddler carrier for two-year old kids and above.

Baby Tula has an incredible weight capacity

Baby Tula Toddler Carrier is also a nice solution for those long walks that leave your toddler tired, and you are unable of using a stroller on that terrain. With this carrier, you can carry around your 30 lbs. kiddo without any difficulty.

And if you are a fashion-forward mother, then this carrier is definitely must-have. Baby Tula has proven that it is possible to have both a stylish and functional baby carrier. It is a gadget that both mother and child anticipate using.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this toddler carrier.



  • High weight recommendation of up to sixty pounds making it perfect for bigger toddlers
  • Numerous stylish and cool patterns that both child and parent will love
  • Leg opening has additional padding
  • Padded straps with dual adjustment
  • Waist strap that provides lumbar support
  • Other designs incorporate mesh panels



  • Various patterns only come in cotton material that is less breathable compared to mesh
  • Has only 2 baby carrying positions and the forward-facing position is not included


The Infantino Cuddle Up Carrier

Infantino Cuddle Up Baby Carrier

Be prepared to snuggle up with your baby like that true mommy bear! This baby carrier features adjustable straps, a cute teddy hood, a waist strap, and an ergonomic design. What’s more, this carrier is among the most pocket-friendly toddler carriers out their!

Apart from being a nice pick for those parents with a restricted budget, Infantino Cuddle Up is also among the best baby carriers available on the market. Featuring a rounded back and a comfy baby seat, your little one gets to enjoy a comfortable and safe ride.

Infantino Cuddle Up is also comfy for mommy and daddy, as it comes with luxurious straps that can be adjusted, a waist strap, and a useful hoodie style pocket for the parent’s hands.

Back position of the Infantino Cuddle Up


Why is Infantino Cuddle Up among the Top Toddler Carriers?

Infantino Cuddle Up falls among the top toddler carriers because of its incredible cost. Available for just a portion of the value of other toddler carriers, this carrier still has numerous great features that are needed by parents in their carriers.

This carrier’s price is truly unbeatable, providing a more affordable choice for that parent who is on a limited budget. And thanks to its huge weight recommendation and strong fabric, your toddler can easily and comfortable fit in this carrier and enjoy a safe ride with you.

Taking into consideration the size and length of the body panel, this carrier is appropriate for up to two years of age.

The carrier has a cute removable hood

Extra features

  • A machine washable baby hood: The featured hood protects your baby from extreme heat and heavy rainstorm. This is a great feature that comes in handy, irrespective of your area’s weather. The hood can be removed when not in use. In fact, the hood is mostly used in the baby’s early months (babies over six months might be too big for it).


What do Parents Think about the Infantino Cuddle Up?

This toddler carrier has received numerous positive customer reviews. Most users like the great value offered by the carrier. Infantino Cuddle Up is a great affordable, safe, comfy and stylish alternative for the more expensive toddler carriers.

Because of its adjustable straps and huge weight recommendation, the Infantino Cuddle Up is a great option for toddlers. In addition, babies appear to like this carrier as well due to its snug and comfy fit. In fact, numerous users mentioned that their babies often fall asleep inside this carrier because of its coziness.

The most affordable baby carrier in my ranking

In general, this carrier is an incredible product that delivers great value just like other more expensive out there. Moms and dads enjoy snuggling their little ones in this product. Thanks to its comfy and safe design, you get to snuggle up with your baby whenever you are on the move!

What are its pros and cons?



  • An affordable toddler carrier
  • Features a cute teddy bear hood for protecting your child form the heat of the sun
  • Features comfy and adjustable straps
  • A hip-healthy carrier with an ergonomic and adjustable baby seating area
  • Incorporates a pouch that provides warmth to the parent’s hands when the carrier is worn in the front
  • Machine washable and does not lose its color or shape during washing
  • Features a rounded back that provides a comfortable ride to the child



  • Has only two baby carrying positions
  • The sturdy fabric is somewhat bulky and tends to heat up in some climates
  • Only a single design and color option
  • Requires help when getting the child strapped in the back
  • Some parents complain of uneven weight distribution; more pressure is placed on the shoulders


The Lillebaby CarryOn Airflow

Lillebaby CarryOn Airflow

With a weight limit recommendation of 20 to 60 pounds, be prepared to snuggle up with your little one and enjoy your next adventure together!

This is hands-down the best baby carrier for bigger babies and growing kids irrespective of the destination or weather. The carrier is made from breathable mesh fabric and will thus keep your little one cool in the hot summer.

Lillebaby CarryOn Airflow has three different baby carrying positions; hip, back and front positions. Its spacious torso panel and ergonomic design allows this to become the only toddler carrier you will ever need for several coming years as your toddler continues growing.

Other great features of the carrier include convenient pockets, a waist strap for lumbar support, three-way bands, and a sleeping hood.

Lillebaby CarryOn Airflow back position that baby’s love


Why is Lilllebaby CarryOn Airflow among the top toddler carriers?

One of the features that makes this toddler carrier stand out from its competitors is the breathable design.

Children get easily sweaty, particularly during the hot weather. This could be quite uncomfortable for you as well as the baby. However, thanks to mesh fabric used in Lillebaby CarryOn Airflow, your little one can stay cool and comfortable all through the year.

The carrier’s mesh panels provide the best temperature control, which allows your toddler to eve enjoy napping inside the carrier without getting too sweaty. Whatever you are doing, whether you are going out for grocery shopping or simply enjoying a walk in the park, this carrier makes it a lot easier to carry your toddler with you.

Additionally, this baby carrier is perfect for bigger or chunky toddlers. With its incredible weight limit of 60 pounds, Lillebaby features a spacious torso with a lot of space for the baby to grow into. What this means is that the carrier can be used for several years in the future.

A great carrier for growing toddlers

Extra features

  • Adjustable and padded shoulder bands: The padded shoulder bands help in reducing pressure on the shoulders. The bands are crossable and feature dual adjustment buckles that allow for good weight distribution.
  • Zippered pocket: This is a handy feature for storing away some small valuables such as change, keys, or ID.
  • Special lumbar padding: Anyone suffering from back pains should definitely get this baby carrier, as it among the very few baby carriers that offer additional padding to the user’s back, hence protecting the back. A lot of parents with back pains have bought this particular model and praise its great support and comfort.


What do parents think about Lillebaby CarryOn Airflow?

A lot of parents commend how comfortable this baby carrier is for them and their babies. The breathable mesh fabric provides the best temperature control whilst making the carrier overly lightweight. And just in case you stay in a hot area, the mesh fabric does a good job in keeping both you and your baby cool.

Additionally, most parents love that Lillebaby CarryOn Airflow grows with their babies. Its weight limit of 60 pounds places it among the top toddler carriers for and two year old babies, as well as preschoolers. A lot of parents mention that they have been using their Lillebaby CarryOn for a number of years, and yet the carrier is still comfy to put on even with the heavier or taller babies.

In addition, this baby carrier goes easy on the back of the parent even with a thirty pound plus baby ridding! Other parents even use it for their 45 pound babies in the back position without experiencing any shoulder or back pain.

Last but not least, a lot of parents mention that they have tried using this baby carrier while at the airport and the carrier has proven to be a great alternative for strollers. The comfortable design and lightweight fabric permits you to use this toddler carrier for hours and hours without any back pains. I also love that the carrier does not weigh you down whilst being firmly secure.

Whether you are hiking outdoors, enjoying a walk in the city, going for grocery shopping, or visiting the zoo, this toddler carrier keeps you cool on top of providing your little bundle of joy with a comfortable ride. With ample space to continue growing into, your little one or preschooler will certainly enjoy riding in Lillebaby CarryOn Airflow.



  • Mesh fabric is quite breathable and provides nice temperature control
  • Three baby carrying positions including hip, front, and back
  • Spacious torso that offers the baby a comfortable ride
  • Huge weight recommendation, which makes the carrier ideal for bigger babies and chunky toddlers
  • Features handy pockets
  • Sleeping hood with two adjusting positions in order to provide a better fit for the baby’s head
  • Great lumbar support
  • Dual-adjustable shoulder straps



  • Few color options
  • Bab carrying positions do not include the forward facing option
  • Getting a nice fit might be somewhat challenging for very tall or very short parents



All of the above toddler carriers offer numerous great features which make them stand out from their competitors. In my opinion, there is not really a specific option that is the best among all. Instead, there is one carrier that is perfect for you, your baby and your lifestyle.

If you are often on the move, toddler carriers could be a game changer; providing you with the peace of mind that your little one is safely snuggled against you, and not just wandering around the airport or grocery store. The best baby carriers offer the user hands-free ability whilst providing a comfy place for you kiddo to rest or even enjoy a nap when they feel like!

Listed above are a few of the top toddler carrier available out there based on comfort, design and functionality.

Whether you are in search of a versatile baby carrier such as the Ergobaby 360, a fashionable carrier such as the cute designs of Baby Tula Toddler, an affordable carrier such as the Infantino Cuddle up, or a breathable and spacious carrier such as the Lillebaby CarryOn Airflow, the options listed above will certainly not disappoint you!

Check out my collection of the top toddler carriers by visiting every company website above.


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