Of late, an increased number of parents are going for rollerblading accompanied by their kid in a baby stroller. Perhaps you might be wondering if enjoying rollerblading with your kid in a stroller is actually safe, or how to get started and which is best and safest stroller for such an activity?

Do not fuss! Below, I give you all the tips and pointers to help you know how to pick the best baby stroller for the purpose of rollerblading and how to ensure that your young one is safe the entire time.

Rollerblading with your kid is fun for both of you and the baby

Irrespective of whether you are an advanced or amateur rollerblader, there are certain things you ought to always have at the back of your mind when you want to go rollerblading with your baby in the stroller.

This is not only a fun activity for you, but for your baby as well. Additionally, it might help you shed off some weight after delivery. However, safety always comes first!

Wish to enjoy rollerblading with a baby buggy? Get yourself a jogging baby stroller

The rule is simple; the most appropriate rollerblading stroller is a jogger. There are some parents who use the standard or at times lightweight baby strollers for rollerblading and claim that getting a jogging stroller is an absolute waste of cash.

In my view, however, I do not recommend using lightweight or the standard strollers for rollerblading as they are not safe for such an activity. These kinds of stroller are not fitted with the necessary features needed to ensure your baby’s safety throughout the ride.

Lightweight baby stroller- not appropriate for rollerblading

In my own opinion, lightweight baby strollers are not appropriate for rollerblading. The reason is that they are very delicate and their wheels are too small. In addition, their suspension system is not enough to protect your young one from shocks. So, if you are looking enjoy rollerblading with your kid in a stroller, a jogger is what to go for.

When rollerblading, higher speeds are involved than when simply strolling. And that is precisely why the construction of the stroller and incorporated safety elements are of great importance in this scenario.

There are some functions that every good baby stroller intended for rollerblading should possess. Only joggers have these particular features, although not all models.

Must-have features for strollers for rollerblading

A handbrake

When ether lightly jogging or strolling, a handbrake on the stroller is helpful, but not really necessary. However, when rollerblading or jogging with your baby in a stroller, this kind of brake is very important. This is because the speeds involved will be very high and it might be too difficult to actually stop the moving stroller by only using your rollerblades’ hill brake. And you won’t obviously be in a position to activate the foot brake/ parking brake with the rollerblades on your feet.

From left: Handbrake on the Urban Glide 2, on the Revolution PRO, and on the Baby Jogger (BJ) Summit X3 (model version: 2016)

A handbrake is an important feature given that it gives you complete control over the involved speeds and you will be capable of quickly bringing the stroller to a stop when necessary. It is good and advisable to have it within reach.

It is, however, important to note that not ever jogger is fitted with a handbrake, and that is why not all jogging strollers are appropriate for rollerblading. Handbrakes can be found on the high-quality joggers such as Baby Jogger Summit X3 2016, BOB Revolution PRO, and Thule Urban Glide 2.

According to some parents, the handbrake incorporated in the Baby Jogger Summit X3 might be a little bit hard to squeeze in the start, but the jogger is certainly more safe thanks to this great addition.

Numerous customer reviews on Amazon say a lot of good things about the Revolution Pro (BOB) handbrake and mention that it is quite simple to use. The handbrake is a great addition, especially for those who are enjoy jogging or rollerblading downhill.

Most parents like the twist handbrake featured in the Glide 2 as well as the parking brake that is foot-operated. They say that both of them useful and quite simple to use. The latter is quite secure, and the former is helpful for those quick stops.

That’s not all! There is now even a more advanced handbrake, which apart from decelerating and stopping this stroller can be used as a parking handbrake! This kind of handbrake is not found in most joggers. There is, nonetheless, a particular jogger model featuring this dual deceleration and parking handbrake that I highly recommend; the Chicco TRE!

Chicco TRE jogging stroller with a dual handbrake; for decelerating and parking

As per customers on Amazon, the dual handbrake is a good and very helpful addition to the stroller. A few parents argue that, at the start, this handbrake requires a bit of adjustments, and getting used to to operate it well. Nonetheless, it works well.

So, if you are looking to utilize a jogger for rollerblading, a hand-operated brake is a must-have feature of your jogger.


Rollerskating/ rollerblading involves high moving speeds and this implies that your kid is going to be subjected to more shocks and bumps. You certainly do not want your baby to get tossed around all through the ride! That is why a good suspension system is necessary as well. The suspension system absorbs the shocks and smoothens the experience for both you and the baby.

This is precisely why I do not recommend the use of lightweight or standard strollers when rollerblading. These kind of strollers do not have good suspension systems and the baby literally feels all cracks and bumps on the terrain. That is not good for the baby’s head, neck, and spine.

To minimize the risk of accidents, you should only use joggers for rollerblading. The 4 joggers that I have mentioned here; Baby Jogger Summit X3 2016, BOB Revolution PRO, Glide 2, and Chicco TRE, have incredible suspension systems. They allow you to ride on uneven surfaces and cushions the ride for your baby.

Suspensions system: Top from right Glide 2 versus BJ X3 (model for 2016). Bottom row from right: Revolution PRO versus TRE

In addition, BOB Revolution PRO and Chicco TRE feature adjustable suspension systems. It is an amazing feature. It allows you to adjust the suspension system to the baby’s weight or the kind of terrain that you are riding on.

According to Amazon customers, all the above joggers are capable of handling tough terrain such as unbeaten roads, grass, and gravel. They are also capable of handling rollerblading on asphalt or cracked sidewalks without a lot of bouncing or shaking.

Three huge pneumatic wheels with a lockable or free

Joggers normally feature a three-wheel design with pumped wheels and the wheel at the front usually swivels around but can also be locked when riding on tough terrains o moving at high speeds.

This feature is especially vital if you are intending to go rollerblading with your baby riding in the stroller. All the four joggers that I mentioned earlier have this particular feature.

Front wheel lock on Revolution PRO and the Glide 2

Two of the four stroller listed earlier are particularly worth mentioning: Baby Jogger Summit X3 and Chicco TRE jogger. These two jogger models can be locked remotely from the handlebar.

The front wheel lock of TRE is on its handlebar

What this means is that you do not necessarily have to kneel or bend to get the front wheel locked without getting dirty. The lock is within your reach on the handlebar. This feature is quite convenient and enhances your rollerblading experience.

BJ Summit X3. The front wheel is remotely locked.


Lightweight strollers are not sturdy enough to be used for rollerblading. They are just too delicate and light and very prone to falling over when you are moving at a high speed.

If you wish to use your stroller for rollerblading, then it has be sturdy, stable, and strong. Each of the four mentioned models BJ Summit X3, Revolution PRO, Glide 2, and Chicco TRE guarantee you exactly that!

The weight of these strollers ranges between 25 – 30.5 pounds. They are obviously not light, and thanks to their strong construction, they are less susceptible to tipping over. And in spite of their weight, the still quite simple to maneuver and steer.

Five-point harness

When rollerblading with a baby stroller, your little one ought to be properly buckled up in their seat with a five-point safety harness. The joggers that I have mentioned are fitted with a five-point harnesses for safety.

All the jogger I recommended earlier have a five-point harness

I took a look at Amazon to find out if parents actually found this harness to be user-friendly.

The five-point restrain on TRE might be a little rigid at the start but smoothens with time.

Parents agree that the straps in the Glide 2 are simple to fasten and that the restrain properly secures the baby. One of the parents, however, mentioned that the straps were a bit rough for the kid’s bare skin.

The winner of this category is BOB Revolution. A lot of parents like its five-point restrain. The praise its nice padding and the overall quality of the harness. Additionally, adjusting is very easy given that it is a no-rethread restrain.

I did not come across any negative reviews regarding the five-point harness on BJ Summit X3 either.

Safety tether/ Wrist strap

All of my favorite joggers for rollerblading have been fitted with a wrist strap for putting around the wrist for extra caution. This leash prevent the jogger from ‘running away’ from you when rollerblading.

BJ Summit X3

You should, however, be very careful when using this wrist strap given that when you lose, you will definitely pull the jogger with you resulting in the baby getting hurt.

The short safety tether on BOB Revolution PRO

Extendable handlebar

An extendable handlebar is a must-have feature for a stroller that is to be used for rollerblading. Given that you will be considerably taller with the rollerblades on, you will most definitely require a longer handlebar in order to maintain the right posture and to prevent wrist fatigue.

An extendable handlebar on Glide 2 has five different height settings. The picture shows the longest and shortest settings

Rollerblading with your jogger is a pleasant and fun experience but not when your wrists are in pain or when you must hunch to reach the handlebar. The height-adjustable handlebar allows you to evade such issues.

The Revolution PRO, Glide 2, and Chicco TRE strollers have height-adjustable, rotating push bars. BOB Revolution PRO had nine different height settings suitable for both tall and short users.

Nine-position extendable push bar on the Revolution PRO stroller versus three-position extendable push bar on the Chicco TRE stroller

The BJ Summit X3, unfortunately, features a non-extendable handlebar. Several parents complain that this jogger is less convenient to steer and maneuver, especially for the tall parents, and so I think it can only be utilized for rollerblading by short persons.

Nonetheless, I still chose to include Baby Jogger Summit X3 in this particular ranking since it has all the other important features.

BJ Summit X3 has a non-adjustable handlebar. It is mostly suitable for average-height and short users

Huge canopy with a see-through window

If your stroller does not have a canopy or its canopy is not large, then your kid will be unprotected from the harmful rays of the sun when strolling. To prevent sweating or even sunburns, you ought to use a jogger with a huge canopy that can be extended.

All the four joggers in my ranking have really huge canopies that parents truly like. These sun shades do a good job in blocking out the sun.

Glide 2 and BJ Summit X3 both have huge extendable canopies/sun shades

Additionally, both these joggers are fitted with a peek-a-boo window, which I find to be necessary when rollerblading with your stroller.

When strolling, you could simply stop and monitor your baby. However, when rollerblading, stopping every couple of minutes to monitor the baby is inconveniencing. Skating too close to the jogger is not safe either and that is precisely why a viewing window is crucial. It allows you to keep an eye your baby throughout the ride.

Chicco TRE’s peek-a-window that allows you to monitor your baby and a mesh vent

Both the Chicco TRE and the Glide 2 have magnetic closures for their peek-a-boo/ see-through windows, which is a feature that I really like. I certainly prefer this closure over the noisy Velcro closure incorporated on the BJ Summit X3 and the Revolution PRO.

Huge canopy on the Revolution PRO provides good cover for your little one, but unfortunately the viewing window features Velcro closure that is a somewhat noisy

Important accessories

The Parent organizer or console

It is not necessarily a must-have, but once you begin rollerblading with your stroller, you will quickly come to the realization that having essentials such as your water bottle or phone close by is important.

Every jogger features a basket beneath the main seat for carrying all of your and baby’s gear. However, having to stop any time you get thirsty or you need to do something with your smartphone, so that you can get your phone or water bottle from the storage basket, is very inconveniencing. This where a parent organizer comes in!

Having one on the push bar is very helpful. It allows you to store all your essentials at hand and within your reach.

Out of all the four joggers in my list, it is only the TRE that features a parent’s console. It has a reasonably-sized pouch for tiny items like your keys and phone and two bottle holders.

Parent organizer on Chicco TRE

The other joggers are fitted with pockets behind their main seats. I, however, do not think that reaching for your water bottle from this back pocket is either safe or convenient. Therefore, with these other joggers, one has to spend more cash on this additional accessory.

All the three models (BJ Summit X3, Revolution PRO, and Glide 2) can be fitted with this particular accessory, however, it will cost you a few extra dollars.

The BOB Revolution PRO handlebar console features two cup holders, a few tiny pockets, and a bigger closed pocket. A tire pump is also included.

BOB Revolution PRO handlebar console

The Baby Jogger parent organizer/console features two beverage holders, a tiny mesh pocket for essentials such as your phone or keys, and closed pocket. And thanks to its Velcro attachment, it is capable of fitting on several other strollers.

Baby Jogger parent console

The Bumper bar

I personally find bumper bars to be very helpful, particularly when rollerblading or running with your kid in a jogger. It is a nice extra safety feature. It stops your little one from falling off the stroller and the baby could actually grab on to it when you are out exploring nature.

Out of the 4 recommended joggers in my list, only one of them has a bumper bar. That stroller is the Chicco TRE. TRE features an amazing bumper bar, which is definitely a huge plus. In fact, Chico TRE is the most affordable stroller among the four and it is the best equipped with regards to accessories. It is the best jogger for rollerblading especially for those who are shopping on a limited budget.

Chicco TRE features a bumper/ belly bar, an extra safety accessory

The BJ Summit X3 has an option of having the bumper bar installed and you could separately purchase a bumper bar for Thule Urban Glide 2. BOB Revolution PRO, however, has no bumper bar, but instead a snack organizer/ tray option that your little one could grab on to as well.

The Glide 2 bumper bar is comfortable and your baby could hold on to it throughout the ride. It also swivels thus allowing you to quickly take your child in and out of their seat.

Thule Urban Glide 2 bumper bar

Baby Jogger’s belly bar has been nicely padded for added baby comfort. And the best part is that the bar’s cover is removable and machine-washable.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 belly bar

I hope that this guide will assist you in finding the best jogger that will enable you to have fun rollerblading, whilst ensuring the comfort and safety of your little one.


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