Baby Tula is one of the most renowned manufacturers of baby carriers. The company has been around for quite a number of years and its baby carriers are known for being high-quality and extremely ergonomic. The Baby Tula Explore is the latest masterpiece from the company’s collection of brilliant baby carriers. And it is the first one specifically made to face forward.

Are you interested in finding out more about this unique baby carrier? Read my comprehensive review of it below. You will find out everything you need to know about it and whether it is indeed the baby carrier for you.

Some of the ways I have read or heard parents talking about this baby carrier include, “It is one of the best baby carriers I have ever used”, “The fabric is attractive and soft”, “I never knew I needed a forward-facing carrier until I used it”, “It is something I can recommend to anyone”, and “I wish I have bought it earlier!”

In short, the Baby Tula Explore is a brilliant baby carrier that is well-made and loved by many parents out there.

The Baby carrier has not been on the market for long. However, it has quickly gained popularity among young parents. Almost everyone who has used it has really liked how easy and convenient it is to use.

But what exactly is so special about this baby carrier? What specific features standout to the moms and dads who have used it? And does it have any flaws or disadvantages?

Continue reading to find out the answers to these questions!

Baby Tula Coast Explore Mesh Baby Carrier 7 – 45 lb, Adjustable Newborn to Toddler Carrier, Multiple Ergonomic Positions Front and Back, Breathable – Coast Marble, Black/White Marble with Black Mesh
  • STAY COOL MESH CARRIER PANEL: Large mesh panel provides extra ventilation for optimal breathability to keep wearer and baby cool.
  • BREATHABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIAL: Soft and lightweight 100% cotton with a large breathable mesh panel and hood that's easy to clean and machine washable.
  • EVERY CARRY POSITION YOUR BABY WILL NEED, INCLUDING FACING OUT: Multiple positions to carry baby including front facing out*, facing in, and back carry. Each position provides a natural, ergonomic position best for comfortable carrying that promotes healthy hip and spine development for baby.
  • NO BULK, INNOVATIVE BODY PANEL WITH AN EASY-TO-ADJUST DESIGN: Adjusts in three width settings to find a perfect fit as baby grows from newborn to early toddlerhood. Can be used from 7 - 45 pounds, no infant insert required.
  • PADDING WHERE NEEDED FOR EXTRA COMFORT: Padded shoulder straps provide optimal neck & shoulder comfort and offers quick adjustments for multiple wearers. Wide padded waistband helps evenly distribute weight. Padded leg openings to keep baby comfortable. Padded, adjustable neck support pillow to provide head and neck support for newborns and sleeping babies.

Baby Tula Explore Carrying Positions

One of the best things about this baby carrier is its versatility. It is very versatile. Depending on your baby’s age, mood or your preferences, you can carry your baby in three different ways using this carrier. The images below show how it works.

The multiple carrying positions of the baby carrier.

You can begin utilizing this carrier from day 1. This is as long as your newborn weighs 7 pounds or more. If they don’t, you will have to wait a few weeks for them to gain a bit of weight and become less fragile before you start carrying them with the carrier.

In the initial six months, you only way (and the safest way) of carrying your newborn baby will be with them facing inward. The Baby Tula Explore is infant-ready. This means that you do not need to buy or use a bulky insert to support your baby.

How can you be sure that it is infant-ready? Because from the images and photos you will see in this post, the baby carrier allows you to carry your baby in the most natural position, which is the frog position. The position is also ergonomic. And as your baby grows, you can adjust the carrier to make it more comfortable for him or her so that they can develop their spine and hips and back naturally.

The infant-ready Baby Tula Explore carrying a baby in the natural, safe, and healthy frog position.

One of the things that stand out the most about this baby carrier is the fact that it is a certified hip-healthy product. So it is on the hip-healthy products’ list. This means that it has been examined and found not to negatively affect the hip development of babies.

As I mentioned, a few moments ago, this baby carrier is newborn-ready and has an ergonomic design that protects the hips of the baby from dysplasia.

And when your baby gets to around six months old, you can start carrying them in several other positions. The age of six months is when the baby has developed significantly and gained head and neck control. They can also sit unassisted.

One of the positions you can use to carry your baby in this carrier when they hit six is the back-carrying position. You will love using this carrier to carry your baby on your back. This is because its ergonomic design ensures you do not feel too much weight on your back or shoulders.

Moreover, babies also love being carried on the back. So it is a win-win carrying position with this carrier.

The back carrying position is also perfect for letting the baby to see and take in the world. This is because it allows the baby to see more. However, you should be cognizant of the fact that the position is not a safe position for newborns. So do not start using it too early.

A baby being carried in the back carrying position.

Another position that you can carry your baby with this carrier once they hit six months is the forward-facing one. I will be frank with you, I generally do not like this position. Whenever I see a baby being carried in this position I usually feel that they are uncomfortable and unsafe.

Nevertheless, from what I have read, the Baby Tula Explore has an ergonomic and comfy forward-facing position. It does not put a lot of pressure on the baby’s crotch and does not let the baby’s legs to hang in a funny way. So if someone ever asked me to recommend to them a forward-facing baby carrier, I would recommend this one.

And even if this position is safe and comfy for the baby when using this carrier, the manufacturer says you should only carry your baby in the position for short periods only. And that if they weigh anything less than 13 pounds or higher than 22 pounds, you should not carry them in the position. It will be unsafe for them.

A forward-facing carrier

Baby Tula Explore – Padding

This stroller is well padded in different areas to make it comfortable for baby and you. For example, the part of the carrier supporting the baby’s leg is richly padded to prevent it from digging into the baby’s skin.

The part of the carrier supporting the baby’s head is also richly padded to prevent it from pinching the neck and to ensure it provides maximum support.

When carrying your baby in the universally recommended frog position, the padded neck area will provide your little one with a comfy place to nap on.

Well-padded baby carrier to ensure the baby is cozy and comfortable.

Baby Tula Explore – Comfort

This carrier is said to be one of the most comfortable ones to wear. This is because of several features in its design.

For example, it has wide and thickly padded shoulder straps that will not pinch your skin. Its waist belt is also wide and richly padded for the same purpose.

Furthermore, the Baby Tula Explore can be adjusted in several ways to make it very comfy for parents with different body types. So whether you are a plus size or a petite parent, you can adjust it to find just the right and a most comfortable fit for your size.

This Baby Tula carrier makes babywearing comfortable and fun.

In addition to the above-mentioned comfort features, this carrier is also made in such a way that it ensures the weight of the baby is evenly distributed. Therefore, even if you are using it to carry the baby for long periods, it won’t easily strain your lower back, your shoulders, or your neck.

The even weight distribution also ensures that it does not strain the pelvic area. This makes it one of the safest carriers for new mothers to use postpartum.

Baby Tula Explore Review Accessories

Many baby carriers come with a variety of useful accessories. This one is no different. One of the accessories it comes with is a hood. The hood, which is removable, can easily be snapped onto it to shield the baby from the sun or strong winds.

It can also give you a bit of privacy when nursing.

Unlike other baby carrier hoods, this one can be adjusted to make it roomier and more comfortable for babies to wear.

Another useful accessory that this Baby Tula carrier comes with is a storage pocket. The storage pocket is conveniently located in a place that is easy to reach for the wearer i.e. the waist belt. It can accommodate a few things like your phone, your ID, your baby’s teether, your keys, or cash.

The conveniently located storage pocket.

Baby Tula Explore Fashions

This baby carrier is made of quality cotton that is soft and very breathable. Your baby won’t be uncomfortable and won’t get overheated in it even during hot days.

Since the carrier is made of cotton, it is totally machine-washable. So if something spills on it or if you feel it needs a wash due to sweat, you should be able to quickly get it clean.

One thing I love about this carrier is how stylish it is. The carrier is available in a variety of styles and colors. Currently, available color options include Mint Chip, Fox Tail, Discover, Bloom, Forever, Sleepy Dust, and Everblue. Some of the stylish colors and designs are shown below.

Colors and styles.

Tula Baby Carrier - Baby - Archer
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

What other moms and dads think about the baby carrier?

Many moms and dads really love the Baby Tula Explore. Below is a summary of what I found out when reading the reviews left on Amazon for the carrier.

  • Most moms love how simple and easy to use the carrier is.
  • Most moms love the versatility of the Baby Tula Explore and its carrying positions.
  • Most moms also love how comfortable the carrier is for them and for their babies.
  • Most moms love the healthy, natural and secure frog position.
  • Most moms also love the fact that they do not need an insert to carry their newborn babies in this carrier.

The stroller is easy to use.

Other positives that I saw parents waxing lyrical about in the reviews include how comfortable the baby carrier is to wear. Some were saying it is comfy even when worn for extended periods because it has great weight distribution. Some were also really in love with its wide waist belt and shoulder straps. They liked how they do not pinch the skin.

Another positive that the parents in the reviews talked about is the fabric. Most of those who talked about it said it was delicate, soft, cushy, and very comfortable. Many also talked about how it does not leave marks or pinch the baby’s skin as was the case with other baby carriers they had used.

Moms and dads living in hot places like Nevada also confirmed in the comments that the fabric is truly breathable.

According to the reviewers, the baby carrier is great for frequent traveling, long walks, running errands, going shopping, and even simply moving around the house.

The many who recommend it, recommend it for first-time parents and for parents who already have other babies. For first time parents, it makes it easy for them to carry the baby and form a bond with them, while for parents with other children they make it easy to handle household chores or run errands.

The Baby Tula Explore carrier.

According to one of the reviews I saw on the manufacturer’s website, the Baby Tula Explore is perfect for fathers and most of them love wearing it especially the young ones.

However, as is the case with all products, not all parents are impressed about all the carrier’s features.

Some of the negatives pointed out by parents include the fact that the neck pillow may require adjusting almost every time the baby is placed in the carrier especially if they are younger than six months.

Another negative is the size of the storage pouch. According to some parents, it is too small. It would have been great if it was bigger. A different and perhaps noise-free closure would have also been better than the Velcro one on it.

In conclusion, most parents really love the Baby Tula Explore. They say it is a quality baby carrier that works really well and I agree. Its design, functionality, and versatility are worth every penny.

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